Bitter Gourd (An unforgettable taste)

in #foodlast year

I love to eat fried bitter gourd with rice or bread always. It is fact that it takes more time to get fully fry than potatoes.

Today I will produce a dish of bitter gourd which looks good and taste is yummy. The dish is just below first you look this then I will brief the process to cook it.



First and foremost wash all bitter gourds using water then take a knife and try to halve divide bitter gourd from middle, but be careful otherwise it will divide in two separate parts that is not good. Half divide is necessary to put spices into it.


You can see using spoon filling spices inside bitter gourd pocket. Spices could be anything whatever you like to put there.


You can see above the mix ingredients paste which is now inside of bitter gourd and now ready to fry like as :


After frying process now the dish looks like as :


I am not a good cook by my lovely wife is and she has cooked the crunchy & spicy bitter gourd.


Note: 100% original content by @face2face aa usual.