Gram Flour Curry & Boiled Rice

in #foodlast year

It is fact that boiled rice 🍚 is one of the most popular food dish in almost all provinces of India. I personally where live currently rice is very popular dish and people who lives here need at least one time boiled rice as food dish compulsory. Many are here who eats boiled rice twice in lunch and dinner. However i would like to take at one time and that is lunch only. People who eats boiled rice mixes some curry along with pulse but pulse is not mandatory, only curry and rice is eatable with full satisfaction.

You can see a photo just below of Gram Flour curry dish over boiled rice along with green chilli and chuttney. In local language we call it besan bari curry.


Need an experience cookie to make gram flour curry because if the bari (in round shape) got tight then there is no taste at all for which it is popular.



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