Knor Soupe Noodles

in #food3 years ago

Knorr launch soupy Noodles, combining the fun of noodles with the health of soup in 2 exciting variants. Enjoy a bowl full of soup plus noodles. Great after school snack for kids as it the benefit of soup and taste of noodles. i also used the noodles as lunch because the made as quick just boiled water and put a noodles in water they make ready as fast.

it is tasty and delicious noodles with soup, i take every sip noodles plus soup it is really amazing

My nephew is enjoy noodles with coco regular, he daily come to school regular eat noodles, it is his instant lunch, it is easy to make.


Good food my friend. Looks like a nice meal. I like to add some chili sauce to mine and make it more spicy, I enjoy spice.

Ramen noodles are the fastest meal to make, ready in a few minutes. It is great. Please enjoy!

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Instant noodles is popular here in our country too and in our city spicy Ramen is popular too like Korean and Japanese. There is a challenge now in eating Samyang which has different levels of spiciness. They even video themselves eating it and then posting that online.