Have You Tried Dumpster Diving?

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One mans trash is another man's treasure... Did you know you can find free food in many of the dumpsters around your local groceries stores?

Roughly one-third of the food for human consumption get wasted. Supermarkets throw away lots of eatable food every day.

Unfortunately, this is the reality in most countries, good, eatable foods go to waste because of an expiration date on the package. However, there are a few exeptions - in France, it's illegal for large grocery stores to throw away eatable food and they are instead forced to donate it to charity.

If you're not living in France I highly recommend everyone to try it. You never know what you can find. Sometimes you can come over 30 perfectly fine chocolate bars, your favorite juices, or maybe you're as lucky as me - to find beautiful flowers.

What do you think about dumpster diving? Have you ever tried it?

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they lock the bins the uk, my work mates used to climb the gates at night of the most expensive super market, and get some top food. shame that they trash everything when the poor and homeless are so needy!

Shame they lock it instead of leaving it to access. (Yes stealing from the trash is theoretical stealing but...)

There should be laws against throwing away so much food. Or fees / taxes on it.

Here I Germany it’s not that likely to find good things in the trash. I suppose lots of it gets recycled (bio gas) or donated to welfare (?). But anyway the containers are always locked.

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Really interesting. Everyone should be following France's lead!

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