Delicious Raw Vegan Noodles and Tacos!

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90 percent of my daily calories comes from fruit, but I also like to incorporate greens into my diet in dishes like salads, raw vegan taco or uncooked noodles. 

Most of my green meals are actually made from mainly fruits too! Did you know that tomatoes, cucumber, bell peppers, zucchinis, limes, lemons, and avocados are all botanically speaking fruits? Recently I've played around in the kitchen, and I've discovered another fruit that is awesome for salad sauces and dressings. What's your guess? It's a scarce fruit to see around and has a very special taste to it and is found mainly in Asia. 

To reveal the fruit let's start off with my Raw Vegan noodles! 

Ingredients for The Noodle base:

  • 1 spiralized Zucchini 
  • 1 Spiralized Cucumber 
  • A few handfuls of leafy greens 
  • Bell peppers for decoration and crunchiness
  • Half a lime on the side 
  • A handful of basil leaves 
  • And of course, a fatty avocado made into guacamole or just cut into pieces 

The Raw Tomato Sauce 

Now, let's get to the "muy importante" part of the dish, and let's start off with the key ingredient which is: 

  • A few big spoons of seedless tamarind concentrated paste 
  • 1-2 big tomatoes or several small ones 
  • A little bit of celery 
  • Five medium sized dates 
  • A handful of basil leaves 
  • A handful of hemp seeds 
  • A little bit of lemon or lime 

Blend it all into a delicious sauce (start with the tomatoes) 

Bon appetit! 

My other favorite dish to make at the moment is Raw Vegan Tacos! 

I usually just add whatever I got that match well together and then I use heart salad leaves to as taco shells. 

Example of ingredient list:

  • Avocado (must have) 
  • Mango (almost like a substitute for corn, add some sweetness to it!)
  • Leafy greens
  • Cucumber diced 
  • Tomato 
  • Herbs 
  • Sprouts 
  • Bell pepper 

Another tip if you eat salt-free salads as I do: Use celery, lime and lemons to "salt-it-up" Another great way to bring forth the flavors of your salad is to make celery salt. It's very simple; cut up some celery stalks, leave it your dehydrator or oven on low degrees and grind the pieces to a powder after being dried for about twelve hours. 

These ingredients are what I make it from, but if you have anything else in mind please share it with me and others in the comments, would love to try some other variations of some raw, fresh dishes! 


Thank you for the contribution. It is something special if you can eat healthy, right? I also like to eat healthy.

It looks so yummmy! :)

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