Is salt an essential nutrient?

in #food4 years ago (edited)

Do we need salt? What is it? Is it an essential nutrient, or can we do without it? 

I Want to share this video with you guys, would love to hear your views on the matter. 

Loren Lockman on salt 


Been pondering this question for some while now. I've never been a salty guy to begin with, and I reduced my salt consumption to a minimum. I would only use very little Himalayan salt for seasoning, sometimes a small amount of broth, and table salt almost never, save for cooking pasta...

The obvious problem is that we are used to salt as a 'taste enhancer' so much that when you're trying to transition towards using less / no salt, the food tastes stale.

What about goats licking salt from your hand / off a rock?

Interesting. I've never really seen salt as an essential nutrient. I was surprised to hear some people would think that. For me, salt has always been just a flavour-enhancer.

Oh I really didnt know this about salt! Interesting!

Organic is the key: thank you for the video, @fruitarianism!

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I’m 100% there with Loren Lockman. Salt is completely unnecessary; these inorganic salts that people consume are not part of our species-specific diet.

Yes, that is what I'm realizing to exploring this in my own experience. Every time I eat salt I can feel the unhealthy stimuli my body and mind feel from it. This is very obvious when I've had periods of many months staying away from salt and then trying it again. It's completely different eating this inorganic mineral compared to getting my sodium needs trough coconut water, celery and other sources of organic, natural sodium. Lately I've been going back and forth, and what I just did was to make natural celery and citrus powder as a substitute for salt, to use on my salads and such for both taste and to make sure I cover my sodium needs.

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