Killing For a Living - "Become a Talent In The Meat Industry"

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Would you like to bone pig heads and slice up cattle and lamb with an automatic saw on a day-to-day basis? Well, that's the qualifications, if you'd like to become the "new talent in the meat industry" 

I'm currently looking for work and I came across this ad (down below) while searching for a peaceful job online. I can't imagine someone honestly, full-heartedly enjoying this kind of work. Slaughterhouse workers are very vulnerable for psychological problems and can also face physical dangers while working. In an environment of constant suffering with fear, anxiety, and dread being the emotional expressions received after a day at work. 

A different kind of job ad 

"Are you our new talent in the meat industry?

For our clients in the meat industry, we are looking for motivated,  skilled meat cutters and butchers. Work tasks consist mainly of  processing of pig, cattle and lamb. Our clients is located in different  places in Norway. The products are of high quality and it is important  that you are also concerned with quality.


- Food Production

- Cutting

- Butching

- Skin beef with machine

- Cut lamb, pork or cattle

- Packing of meat products

Other tasks related to production


- Must have good knowledge of different parts of cattle, pig and lamb

- Boning pigs head

- Knowledge with white and red ovals

- Must be able to work with automatic saw

- Experience from industrial production within meat

- Diploma or journeyman in meat cutting, but long experience can compensate for lack of education

Speak fluent English, and preferably Scandinavian

Be familiar with food hygiene and HSE "

(Link to the job ad)

Studies on slaughterhouse workers and meat production says

  • About 25 % of slaughterhouse workers become ill or injured from the work. 
  • Panic, depression, paranoia, dissociation, and anxiety is not uncommon for people involved in the act of killing animals 
  • One study found that 85 % of meat consumers were not willing to kill to obtain meat. 
  • Drugs and alcohol is often used substances for slaughter employees to cope with the emotional toll 


"If slaughterhouses had glass walls, everyone would be a vegetarian." - PaulMcCartney

Is it room for compassion towards people that work at these places? Isn't very damaging and hard for the human heart to experience these horrible realities found inside slaughterhouse walls. They are forced to not care - how can they, when animals come up to them wanting to be cuddled, and then a minute later they'll need to kill them? 

The "I don't care attitude" is simply a coping mechanism to avoid the trauma and pain resulting to the raw reality of killing sentient beings. To look them in their eyes as they die in despair and shock, to smell the scent of death and blood rushing through the air, to hear them scream so desperately that the only thing our human heart want to do, is to help. 

It's not only the animals that die, the workers become emotionally dead in the process. 

What're your thoughts on the subject? Could you ever work at a slaughterhouse? Do you think it's a destructive process for all humans or do you think some people can work there without leading any negative consequences? Any perspective is welcomed, express yourself in the comments! 

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Thanks for stopping by! Grateful for any support! Be well, eat well. 


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Very interesting post, its phycological though but it has to done sometimes.upvoted.

Thanks for your comment :)

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Even reading your post, I’m cringing. I don’t get it. It boggles my mind thinking of anyone being capable of doing such work. I do hope the tides turn for you my friend and know you’ll land the job that you’re supposed to. ✌️

"The products are of high quality and it is important that you are also concerned with quality"

What does that mean?

Seriously it really hurts me when I am thinking about animals being killed in a mechanical way that shows no mercy. I am sure it is very difficult for most of the people at the beginning but with time they are emotional dead and just see animals as any kind of products. That's dreadful. But I know people who are willing to kill animals for the meat or skin, and they think that's an exciting thing, because they are taking part of the whole process.

They most have some distance to the emotions of the animals, if they would see animals as a living being as we also are, they would not be able to do that.

More and more people are changing their point of view on this matter now, still it will take some time for most of the people to realise what they do.

I have been to my grandparents for a few days, and they would never ever even think of animals as living beings with feelings. They are just animals. Products. Something from that we get our food.

People that are working as farmers and living this lifestyle, see it as their job and their income. Nothing more. That is quite upsetting but we can't change anyone elses thoughts. Only pur own. To spread informations and question the facts like you do is so important.

Thank you!💘

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