curry 🍛

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Eating a Thai curry can be nice.

Cooking it yourself is a little bit of a thing but I think maybe I'm onto something. It's a ratio of coconut cream and sugar and curry paste.

The way a baseball swing might mostly be one really specific movement, like..

like THAT'S the swing, and all the other stuff like the stride and the arm mechanics make it all possible but would be totally negotiable so long as they existed in a reality where you still had that same specific moment of impact.

I think with curry it's like you get the coco/sugar/paste in a way that's great and THAT'S curry.

And then the cuts of veggies and seasoning and everything else kind of works itself in around that. So you lead in and flow out of it with all her various steps, but mostly you're hitting the note you want between those 3 things, and that's what curry is.


Just thought I'd share.

And you could loosely add "all the things you might season and soup it up with". The point is, you want to hit that note. You want to not be distracted by the busy work and the various steps and the timing of it all, and hit the note.

Wonder if Gordon Ramsay sees it that way too? 🤔

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