Finally visited Obama Noodles

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These noodle shops are in at least 3 locations that I am aware of and I was always intrigued as to why they would have such a business. It turns out there is a history that actually connects to the ex-president and it is an interesting one. I've been here for years but have never went to eat here, until yesterday.


I don't speak much Vietnamese and don't really know what to order at these sorts of places because while they do have some English, most of the time you are just meant to point at pictures in order to get what you want. This is fine with me because generally speaking food is so inexpensive at these places that if you don't like what you ordered, it is only going to cost you about a dollar or two.


So while every one of these places attempts to state that it was their shop that was attended by the real Obama, it turns out that Obama never even had noodles here in DaNang at all. I don't even know if he visited the city. I would imagine not seeing as how there is no diplomatic reason to be here.

It turns out that he went to a similarly cheap and basic noodle shop in Hanoi with Anthony Bordain and had cheap noodles and cold beers as is the tradition at these sorts of places.


I don't know if the audience were plants because they don't seem to be terribly interested or even aware of the fact that they are sitting next to two very famous people. There was almost certainly an army of Secret Service agents in the place as well.


Here's what Obama noodles look like! It was a little bit sweet and it is kind of up to you how much actual noodle goes into the broth as well as a bunch of other additives such as basil and whatever those other leaves are. For me, it was a bit too sweet but this is actually common with Vietnamese noodles and there is normally some optional chili in the middle of the table that you can add to your heart's content if you are into that sort of thing.

Anthony Bordain famously tweeted this "Total cost of bun Cha dinner with the president: $6.00,I picked up the check.”

As fun of an experience as it was, this is probably one of my less favorite noodles that I have had and I am unlikely to return. Next up I am going to have to try the Trump massage chairs that I saw at the shopping mall.


this is fine with me