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This is my little tribute to Anthony Bourdain, although I did not know him personally, I really enjoyed his food , travel and adventures, and loved how he connected with the people of wherever he went. He was authentic and full of respect for everyone he met along the journey.


Like him, on the occasions I have travelled I like to find the most authentic food of the region, often in some small back alley or similar, to get a real sense of what the place is about. Rest in Peace mate, if I ever make it to where you are, I will definitely come and say hi x.


Spending most of my life commentating football, talking about football, or arguing about football can really increase one's appetite, and a great way to satisfy that is a super scoff at Miss Chow's Claremont. After arriving very hungry, the food came quick and I ate way too fast, finishing a few courses in about 30 mins.


So yes, after commentating I headed over to Miss Chow's with a couple of friends for a feed. I must admit I am not a specialist in Asian food, but it tasted good, wasn't overpriced, looked pretty healthy and the establishment was full!


Dumplings, pork sliders, duck spring rolls, and something with lettuce, was ll very nice. I think there's a little bit of Bourdain in all of us, that's why we loved him so much, even if we weren't "so into" food he was easy to like and understand.