All-Natural Red Velvet Pancakes with Dark Chocolate Mocha Syrup(FOOD PHOTO SHOOT)

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I have to admit that I have never understood the whole red velvet thing. I mean if you’re gonna down a bottle of red 40 why would you want it to ruin your cake too. Not only is it horrible for you, but it also tastes disgusting. So bitter.

But then I must also admit that I love anything fun and colorful in food. I just prefer it to be all natural. Recently, I was thinking about trying a red velvet recipe and I started wondering how and why people started adding cups of red food dye into their perfectly beautiful chocolate cakes.

All-Natural Red Velvet Pancakes with Dark Chocolate Mocha Syrup (2).jpg

I did a little research and apparently it started in the depression era when chocolate, like everything else, was expensive and in short supply. Clever little housewives started using their beets from their garden to deepen the shades of their chocolate cake. I may not get the food dye thing but I’m all for this. Making a cake that has added sweetness, color, and moisture from a root vegetable and everyone thinking that they are eating the best chocolate cake ever. It’s brilliant.

All-Natural Red Velvet Pancakes with Dark Chocolate Mocha Syrup (3).jpg

So I tried it with some cupcakes. I made my own boiled beet puree and put it in my batter and it looked pretty red. Well, that is before I baked it. After it baked the color was completely lost in the brown from the cocoa. I tried again….a few times. I’m not even going to tell you about some of the results. Epic failure. I just kept losing the red but I can be very stubborn about things sometimes and I refused to give up. What was I doing wrong? Well, finally I read somewhere (which I wish I had much earlier) that adding vinegar helps to bring out the red tones in the cocoa and of course makes the cake even fluffier. I mean have you ever heard of buttermilk? It’s the best.

All-Natural Red Velvet Pancakes with Dark Chocolate Mocha Syrup (4).jpg

This helped but I still couldn’t get enough color from my beet puree until I realized that I needed to condense the color. That’s when I tried reducing it and guess what? It finally worked! Okay if you want to get technical here they are actually more like really hot pink velvet pancakes. But still, it worked. I did pancakes this time because they are faster then cake and I just couldn’t stand the suspense as long as it would take to bake a cake.

All-Natural Red Velvet Pancakes with Dark Chocolate Mocha Syrup (6).jpg

After I made a pile of red pancakes I realized that they needed a really yummy topping. That’s where my dark chocolate mocha syrup comes in. It is so easy you guys. You literally put everything in a saucepan and melt it together for a few minutes. No thermometer.

All-Natural Red Velvet Pancakes with Dark Chocolate Mocha Syrup (7).jpg

And oh my, it is good! Super rich and yet it’s fat free so less guilt. Plus, the pancakes are full of nutrition so I think this is a pretty balanced breakfast, don’t you? Okay maybe you shouldn’t eat it everyday but you have to at least try it once. These are perfect for a creepy breakfast for Halloween. Just call them blood red pancakes with dark black forest sauce or something like that. The kiddos will love them.

All-Natural Red Velvet Pancakes with Dark Chocolate Mocha Syrup (9).jpg


As always, the recipe is available upon request. The first request gets an upvote.

ALL CONTENT IS MINE AND ORIGINAL! All of these food photos were taken with my Nikon D5300 and my favorite Lens, the Nikon AF-S FX NIKKOR 50mm f/1.8G. You can find out more in my INTRO POST. And by the way, my intro post did a huge $0.21

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recipe plz


phone number to order а plate of these? ? 😍 I do not have time for the recipe ... I want right away 😀

1-800-eat-more - Thanks so much for commenting @janeeliza


How many ways can I say YUM!!!

Haha, probably a lot my little language sponge!

Another just phenomenal food post, just stunning food photography

Thanks, I thought it would be a good festive one today @noboxes.

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Not sure what that means?

The red pancakes looks so beautiful, and melt chocolate make the taste so good, i like it so much.

Thanks so much for taking the time to comment @creativewoman. I am really glad you liked it.

I make a beetroot chocolate cake every now and then - it's my favorite - no dairy, no wheat, no sugar - I actually call it "Sushi" LOL, because I make it with rice flour and, hey, it's got beetroot in it... But all this goodness in pancake form is so much better!!! Thank you for posting the recipe, I'll definitely try that!

I'm so glad you're inspired by this @connecteconomy!

Ha ha! One time we dyed my friend's golden blond hair with beet juice, never thought about using beet purée to color pancakes! Amazingly creative recipe and gorgeous pictures as usual, I have to go cook something now😊

Haha, yes I think you do. Thanks for reading and happy cooking @generikat!

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food is very tasty, chocolate is my favorite, surely you are a friendly person :)
Check out my blog, maybe something interesting for you to see. because I am a photographer

I have followed you :), please follow me @isfar

I can not lose weight because of your posts. Why do you make such delicious food and seductive photos? :))

'seductive' photos, that's funny. Sorry about being an obstacle in weight loss - LOL

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Wow those look amazing! I don't usually like red velvet but those pictures!! omg they look so good. Thanks for sharing.

I am thrilled you liked it @topkpop. Thanks so much for stopping by and taking the time to comment

I must admit, red pancakes look weird, but red velvet is delicious. I'd certainly give them a go!

Yes, sort of a strange concept, but fun for Halloween. Thanks @sgtechservices

I'm having high blood sugar

Hehe, yes these photos are very tempting. Thanks @skreza!

Oh great idea substituting the beet puree for the red food coloring! The cauldron-like container for the syrup is a nice touch. From what I understand though, what makes red velvet, well, "red velvet" is the combination of the chocolate with the cream cheese icing or frosting. That's why there's a black velvet as well, chocolate that's not tainted with red food coloring, but that's basically the difference between the two.

I learned that from a baking class I attended a while back. Now, I'm no baker, so don't take my word for it.

I see where you are coming from. I do my best not to be confined by the 'standard' naming conventions, but if anyone feels I've used a name improperly, I apologize. Thanks so much for taking the time to comment @jedau

Oh, no no no. Don't get me wrong. It wasn't meant to call you out or anything. I was merely sharing what I know. Really though, I'm not sure whether what I know is right or not.

My daughter would love this my friend! Thanks so much for the tip in adding vinegar to get a better color result, did not know about that!

You are so welcome @progressivechef. Any tips I can share make me happy!

Great job with the shoot, I appreciate the set up photos too!

Thanks @bradfordtennyson! You're so supportive.

So sinful yet.... I can't get my eyes off'em!

Apparently it is a common problem. Thanks so much for taking the time to comment @aldentan

no problem!

Oh man, the image itself looks delicious. I can't imagine what the real taste would be like.

I think it tasted as good as the photos. Thanks so much for taking the time to comment @onesnzeros

This is such a unique recipe! looks really yummy!

I know you'd like it!

This one looks so nice! I want the top one, and only the top one...I guess I need to make a lot of chocolate sauce so when eating the top one, I can create another top one with the sauce and continue like that until reaching the bottom of the pile :)

I totally get what you mean. You have to keep creating new ones, LOL. Great commenting @edje, thanks so much for taking the time

Oh-Em-Geezus! Those look unbelieveable.

(BTW, I'm planning to be an expat in S America, soon...I will most likely be your neighbor somewhere in Ecuador!)

Well, I've moved back to North Idaho. I hear good things about Ecuador, as long as you are with other gringos. Best of luck to you and thanks so much for the comment. Make sure to post a lot about your adventures

Come on! This one just wasn't fair. Mocha syrup? This one should be on the cover a magazine... then in my stomach!

Who said life was fair? LOL - Some day @hanshotfirst, some day we'll have the opportunity to break bread together

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I've been wanting to make the switch to using more natural food coloring, but haven't had the gumption yet. I really do hate adding a fistful of dye into things, though, so perhaps I should give it a whirl. I assume your beet puree is basically as it states: boiled beets, pureed?

Yup, boiled beets. And I encourage you to give it a go. You'll be happy that you did. Thanks for the great comment @offbeatbroad

Ok there must be 3 dozen pancakes there! Way to go with the trial and error on this one- it's so frustrating when you have a grand vision for your recipe and silly chemistry gets in the way and ruins it- but then it comes to the rescue and helps make these gorgeous red (and fluffy) pancakes! Love it!

Fantastic commenting @jaymorebeet, thanks so much. Your words are encouraging

I am hungry now....... thx for this nice post... didn't see you before on steemit... find you via steemfest...

Thanks @rival, I am glad you found me!

What a great pictures! Looks delicious. I like your perspective, awesome :)

Great photos!! Your pancakes look really decadent!!

Thanks @culinaryfanatic. Welcome to steemit

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