The Ugandan Rolex

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Well, In Uganda a Rolex which started off as a road side vending food item consumed by low income earners and students that were always in need of a cheap and quickly prepared food has today managed to make it's way to the big restaurants and hotels in the country that have been able to add it to there menus.
It also won't be a shock to find that this Rolex is sold off at a higher price in the bigger restaurants than at the street stalls.

A Rolex is a fast growing food whose consumption and popularity in Uganda has grown over the years.. The snack is a rolled chapatti containing an Egg and different vegetables. Depending on e consumers preference, a Rolex can be prepared either with raw vegetables or cooked vegetables. More often in Kampala while by a Rolex stall u will hear a consumer in need of a Rolex with raw vegetable call out to e vendor "nyanya mbisi" meaning raw tomatoes.therefore Implying he/she needs a Rolex with raw tomatoes.
While walking along the streets of Kampala,mukono and other busy towns of Uganda either during day or night you will often be hit by the magical aroma from e Rolex stalls. And yes, u actually often won't find just one stall but a number of them with Rolex vending services and these stalls are always stalked with customers seeking a Rolex from e vendor. Some of the stalls are run by one person whereas some are run by more than one person depending on e customer base.
This famous Ugandan snack "rolex" at the stalls usually goes for as low as 1500,2000,3000/= and above depending on the content a certain customer needs for his delicious Rolex snack. This Rolex can also be consumed at anytime of the day.


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Recently this Ugandan delicacy was also internationally recognized for example it was recognized and talked as the fastest growing new African fast food by CNN.
It is also important to note that this the Rolex in the Ugandan context has today become a great tourist product after its popular headlining on worldwide stations like CNN,CCTV and BBC which recognized it as a great celebrated food in Ugandan.
So many tourists today who find there way to Uganda find pleasure in consuming this popular food which am certain never disappoints.

In a country where people love to celebrate everything possible, Ugandans today celebrate a Rolex through a festival called the Kampala Rolex festival. A festival which was first held in 2016 on the 21st of August at the Uganda Museum. Under the festival a number of Rolex vendors gathered at the Uganda museum and did put slot of work together to produce there best Rolex in all sizes to different attendants /buyers. The festival did attract person's from all parts of the country and people were seen enjoying there Rolex snacks along side music, friends and in slot of cheers.
The first ever Rolex festival was therefore a great success as the Rolex vendors did register great sales that day.
This Kampala Rolex festival has also become an annual even in Uganda to celebrate and promote a Rolex as the second festival was held on 20th Aug 2017.
Trust me it's an event worth being at..

In the end a Rolex has not just grown as a food in the country, it has provided employment to persons in the country and through here these person's are able to provide for there needs through there Rolex vending activity... Talking to Matovu,a Rolex vendor along side the mukono streets he said on a very good day he earns 10000/= from his stall and he has been able to provide for his family through the money acquired.
A Rolex as a tourist product has also promoted tourism in a country so full of emence tourist attracting features.

The Ugandan Rolex is therefore a food so great

Egg, large- 1
Mixed veggies- ¼ cup
Salt- a few pinches
Tomato Ketchup
Oil- 1 tsp


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