World famous Kokorec

in #food3 years ago

The most delicious of the internal organs of the animal is perhaps kokorec. It's a food that everyone loves in the world. Kokorec is a food made from the intestine and is very delicious. My friends who had nausea from Kokorec later became addicted to eating kokorec. It is so delicious. It is made from veal and lamb intestine. It is seen as street food in many countries. The most beautiful and delicious is made from lamb intestine. It's very difficult to make Kokorec at home. From the grocery stores, you can buy them as cleaned. It is very important to be clean.

I'm going to tell you how Kokorec needs to be cooked. Put a tablespoon oil into the warming pan. At the same time slice the bowels according to your request. Usually, it would be a little big grains without minced meat. Kokorec has her own oil and we're not throwing too much oil. Let's pour Kokorec into the pan and start roasting.
Do not roast too much because Kokorec will dry. Spices only need oregano and dried hot pepper. Throw the spices after baking. If the spices are thrown when cooked, cancer-causing substances are removed. Thyme is a must. You can't taste without thyme. Enjoy your meal.

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