🍪The Wild, Wild Tale of the Cookie VS Pizza!🍪

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It was a stand off between chocolate and pizza... The stakes were high and she didn't know what to do.


She entered the dark, hot kitchen, raiding the cupboards for something to fill that void in her grumbling stomach but it had been days... nay, weeks since she had been to the store.

Most processed food had long been exiled from her home for their attempts at killing her and her loved ones prior and so, she held a cup of almonds in her hand as the time ticked rapidly forcing her mind to make a decision before the clock struck and it was... snack time!

In a split moment decision, she poured the (soaked) almonds into the blender, making sure they had some water and vanilla extract to drown them down! Fiercely the blade spun upon them creating a cream that would later fill her bowl.

She knew there was a place that almond flour hid for special occasions, it would be a mere journey to find it although it would be a big risk to use it here and now, not knowing when she'd be able to re-stock.

Half way to the hiding place already as it were, she decided to take her chances and grasp it from the cavern it hid in.

Not wanting to claim all of the precious resource in one fell swoop, she enlisted some tapioca flour and a bit of arrowroot powder to create some diversity and fill the bowl up. She hoped it would be enough to save her from the scary times on the horizon.

She was stopped dead in her tracks when to her horror, she realized there were no more (homemade) chocolate chips in the freezer.

Thinking quickly, she stirred up some coconut oil and some cacao powder together with some stevia and maca and placed it safe at the top of the freezer where no one would find it to hold form while she continued her mission.

She loaded the mixer with the flours and powders and added in some mesquite to sweeten it up without any sugar needed.

What could she wrangle to keep this all together? The last thing she wanted was to leave a trail behind her!

Chia seeds poured into water created the glue-like fabric that would keep everything from coming undone.

She searched again for anything else she could use to make the situation a bit more scrumptious, this was her snack time on the line after all!

In a surge of luck, she landed on some toasted hazelnuts so in they went with the rest of them!

Time was still racing and her stomach was about to turn against her so she mixed everything together, threw in the chocolate chunks and spread it out on a pizza pan! She painted the chocolatey liquid that had not yet frozen all over the cookie pizza and then all she had to do was wait 15 minutes!

She knew in her heart it wasn't the most beautiful thing she'd ever created but she won the battle against her stomach and she got a tray full of delicious treats to keep her happy and healthy until next time...


I wish you health, happiness and ultimately compassion!
Love and Light ✨
Cece 😘🧙


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