Arum stem curry - a very popular village dish

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Arum stem curry



It is a very testy and health village food. It is vary popular because of its beautiful test. My maid servant give me the arum stem or you can purchase it from local market. Or if you want to arrange the arum stem your self then you have go the local bush. You can easily found their.

Cut the arum stem in to small small pieces and wash them properly with fresh water


Give one table spoon of salt, it will be become soft


Give all the things in to a pressure cooker, give some water and wait for a whistle


After that remove the excess water. I have used here a plastic round basket


Now need some red chilli, green chilli, black cumin, turmeric power, mustard oil and malabar leaf


Fry them until it looks brown colour


Give some turmeric power and salt as required


Give the boiled arum pulp with the spice mixture and mixed them


Cook them properly until all the mixture looks brown colour


Now your dish is ready to serve.


you can now serve it with hot rice or rooti. And enjoy the beautiful test.

If you ever not test it, my request is to please make it at your home and enjoy the test with your family member. And if you like the recipe then share it with your friends and other family members

Thanks for watching. Have a nice day

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