Ladies finger with potato fry

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Ladies finger with potato fry

Now we have quarantined. Our government locked down for 21 days against deadly Corona Virus or Covid-19. Now we are at home.

In this situation I have made one dish called Ladies finger with potato fry or our local language it is called Vendi Alu Fry for my family members and also for me.

Here is the simple process.

Steps -1

Cut the ladies finger, potato, and onion in to small small pieces. And wash them properly.


Steps -2
Fry the potato with mustard oil.


Steps -3

Mix the ladies finger with the potato and fry until they got light brown.


Steps -4

Mix some salt.


Steps -5

Mix some turmeric powder for color and test also.


Steps -6

Now mix onion slice with the mixture.


Steps -7

Fry few minutes and now it is ready.


Now it is ready to serve. Enjoy it with rice or home made bread.

Hope you like it. Take care. Protect COVID-19 and save world, save us.