No-Bake Oreo Cheesecake Recipe + Full Video Recipe

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Oreo is one of popular cookies and every family member love it and lately we start to use it in our desserts as cake and cheesecake and i think it is so delicious and perfect. My kids love it and always ask me to make oreo desserts, so yesterday i made this easy and yummy oreo cheesecake as a dessert and i barely could take photos to my piece LOL.


To make this dessert you need 4 ingredients and very easy steps to follow. I made a 18cm mold perfect for my small family me, my husband and my two little girls, if you have a medium size mold you have to add more cookies for the crust, 250g of cream cheese and 80g of white chocolate.

No-Bake Oreo Cheesecake

Prep time: 15 mins
Refrigerate time: 6 hours
serving: 6

Ingredients :

for 18cm springform pan
For crust:
12 pieces oreo cookies
60g melted butter

for cheese filling:
500g Cream cheese (room temperature)
160g white chocolate

For decoration:
6 oreo cookies
whipped cream

The way:

Remove 12 oreo cookies filling, keep cream filling in another small bowl we will add it later to our cheesecake.
Place oreo cookies into a plastic bag, crush the cookies with rolling pin, roll over across the bag, or use a food processer.
Place the crushed cookies into a large bowl, add the melted butter mix together until well incorporate.
Press into a bottom of a springform pan, place in refrigerator until prepare the cheese layer.
Cut white chocolate into small pieces to melt easily, i melted it on a water bath you can melt yours in microwave. Let it cool.
Melt the cream filling in microwave for 15 seconds.
In a large bowl mix the cream cheese, add the cream filling and melted chocolate, mix all together until all well combined, add the 2 tbsp of crushed oreo and give the mixture quick mix.
Pour cheese mixture on to prepared crust.
Smooth the top of cheesecake with a spoon. Chill at least 6 hours or overnight.
To decorate: finely grind 2 oreo cookies, cut the others into 2 halfs.
Sprinkle the top of cheesecake with finely grind oreo. Decorate with whipped cream and top each with half oreo cookie.
Enjoy :)

Full video recipe here:

Thanks for stopping by. All my contents are original and were taken with my Nikon D3400; Be free to UPVOTE, COMMENT and RESTEEM my post also check out my latest post here:


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No bake sounds good :-) this will preserve my kitchen to explode 😂...

Great video 👌 with details! Now I’m ready to make it on my self :-)

@avizor happy you liked it, thanks alot my dear

This looks absolutely delicious @injiskitchen. I love cheesecake and will definitely be giving this a try sometime soon. Thank you for sharing it :)

@jusipassetti thanks alot my dear, you'll love it i'm sure. regards

Excellent recipe ...and.....lovely post & very fun dear friend..

@moniroy thank you very much my dear

Wow! looking so delicious. Love your food work. Very good my friend.

@fatima92 Thanks alot so kind of you to say that, regards.

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@injiskitchen Very good content, I hope to be able to make this recipe soon, since I have been working in the bakery area for a long time, but the bakery always caught my attention.

@axel21 thank you very much

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It looks delicious I love them

@daymar thank you very much

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