Vegan delicious green ice crem!

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Who wants some delicious green nice cream? Made this from frozen bananas and fresh spinach. I was really surprised about the spinach taste in this dessert. I loved it. Hope you are having a great Sunday afternoon... my was quite busy in my garden where I found these cute little wild strawberries🍓🍓🍓😍😍😍😍 After replanting a few plants and herbs I deserved something good and healthy of course 😉🍧


3 frozen bananas
400g fresh spinach
1 tsp maca powder
1 tsp inulin
squeeze of lemon
200 ml coconut milk 75%
1 tbsp vegan protein

Blend all ingredients in a food processor till you achieve a smooth consistency. Put the nice cream in to the freezer for at least 2 hours. Take it off 20min before serving. Enjoy!


Wow first of all let me say that that is just a beautiful capture! It almost looks too gorgeous to eat ;) Of course, I would eat this in a heartbeat! I'm quite impressed by the green of this icecream! I have been playing with vegan ice cream for a long time and it didn't ever cross my mind to try adding spinach. I'll have to do it now ;) Thanks for sharing! <3

hehe spinach has got a very good and strong green pigment and you can make it tastes in variuous ways sweet or savage ... :)

Wow. It looks amazing. I´m honestly more speechless about your beautiful healthy mix. Great idea!!! Your post is in inspirational ice cream revolution 💚. All the best for you. :)

thank you for the nice words:) I am just experimenting with food I like and the achievements are very often surprisingly good:)

Herman niby wrócił, ale coś nie jest w formie :)
(wolne wyraźnie mu nie służy, haha)

a te malutkie truskaweczki - cuuudo!

Herman padl z wrazenia albo z zamrozenia bo lody nawet mi w glowie temperature ciala obnizyly:)

That is making my mouth water - and what a gorgeous photo! I hope I can get round to trying this one out.

yeah its very easy to do and the taste surprising good:)

I would LOVE to !!! 😍😍😍

just come over there is still something left in the freezer:)

Kool colour will certainly get kids to eat their greens fantastic

hehe yes its a good way to hide healthy greens in sweet desserts!

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