Stay at home food contest (week 1): 10 Steem in prizes and this is set to grow. Join us, upvote and share.

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Let's keep ourselves busy in these very testing times and what better way to do that than organize a community cooking contest.

I have not set up a community section yet, but if this contest takes hold, it will be done to accommodate all of you and I will keep everyone updated.

Everyone is welcome to participate and I encourage everyone to spread the word of this cooking contest.

How the contest works:

Each week on Friday, a new contest week commences and you will be invited to submit your entries to this post. How...

  • Make a blog or vlog of your dish on the blockchain and add the link of your post in the comments section of this post. All entries must be submitted by the following Tuesday night.

  • On Wednesday I will make a voting post, where I will incorporate all the contest entries in the comments section. Here individuals will be able to upvote or comment on their favourite food posts. The highest number of votes and comments wins.

  • The winners of the contest will be declared on Friday's weekly contest announcement. Prizes disbursed.


    • No plagiarism.

    • Have fun

      Title of your post is: “Stay at home food contest week no...."

    • List your ingredients

    • Tell us how you made your wonder dish

    • Include at least 2 photos.

    • Add a validation sign next to your dish in one of the photos. Validation sign to include your blockchain name, contest week number... and the name of your dish.

  • Wash your hands thoroughly.


    This week I will personally forward the prizes, but from there on it will work like this:

    • All liquid tokens earned from the two weekly posts (contest announcement and voting posts) will be placed in the prize pool. This will then be divided according to the number of prizes to be given out each following week.

    • Any third party who wishes to donate to the prize pool are very welcome to. Please contact me if you wish to do so.

      Don't forget to place a link of your contest post in the comments section below and feel free to ask me questions.

      Good luck,


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    Evening @hafizullah, thank you for your entry. I will accept this for this week. Please, next time plese add a validation sign and the ingredients.

    We resteemed and hope some more see it and join.

    Thank you for the resteem and we hope to see you join too.

    Nice initiative man but I don´t think you will get many entries here, this chain is quickly turning into a ghost town. A vast majority of our community is already "on the other side" ;)

    Yeah, I am noticing a lot of activity on Hive. I am doing two separate contests, one on Steem and one on Hive. After a few weeks, it will give me a good gauge of the situation. Hopefully, people will calm down and get on with things.

    Sandwiteers On Garde! @lizelle
    Hehehe... Good luck to all and may the foods are with you!

    Good to see you here :) and yes too many sandwiches.

    Upvoted and resteem

    thank you and much appreciated

    Love your Foodie post!

    Yum! You have been curated by @bahagia-arbi on behalf of Thanks for using the #foodie tag. We are a tribe for the Foodie community with a unique approach to content and community.

    Join the foodie fun! Check it out at @foodiesunite for the latest community updates. Follow us for a FOODIE reward! We'd also love your support via delegation(receive a 2x FOODIE reward) so that we can help spread gastronomic delights.


    Well, I was about to cook some homemade Burgers and b0o0o0m, perfect timing for a food contest!Hehehe

    Sweet and yes, very good timing.

    Wash your hands thoroughly. A great contribution, a reminder to everyone @intrepidsurfer

    Thank you @sacra97 I hope you can join us in the contest.

    Espero poder participar en el segundo concurso porque creo que este ya ha terminado!

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