I had an early Thanksgiving.

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Invited a bunch of family over, had tons of food and drinks. It went well and there are plenty of leftovers.

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Wow, that's all so yummy.
So happy if you can give votes to people who interact with you, LOL

Thanks. Im happy for people interacting with my posts. Haha

That looks so delicious, it was a long ago since we have had such parties with full table. Corona spoiled the whole year. It seems like this winter we will be in a small family circle, but I will cook different dishes not matter if it will be stored for couple of days in fridge but just missed the normal time. Happy Thanksgiving to your and your family :)

I know what you mean. I kinda limited how many people came. Which sucked but we made the best of it. We as people need interaction with others, its a necessity. Like water or food.

Hopefully the world can line its self out sooner than later. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!!

Everything looking yummy 😋 i think nice time spend with family members 😂.

Thanks. It was definitely a great time.

That is a lot of mouth watering food. I hope everyone had lots to eat and all had a great time. :-)

It sure seemed like everyone was pleased. We had a great time.