Healthy vegetables Juice

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Healthy Vegetables Juice



Cucumber (1)
Spinach (1 bunch)
Carrot ( 2 )
Lettuce (1 cup)
Ice (3 pieces)



  1. Take a juicer.
  2. Blend all the ingredients in the juicer.
  3. Serve with ice.

Why this juice?

cooking the spinach is better for health. But recent study indicates that the juice of spinach is loaded with benefits. Spinach is a good source of minerals & vitamins. Carrot contain beta-carotene and knows as cancer fighting agent. Lettuce contain many essential minerals like ca, k, Na, Mg etc. Watery vegetable cucumber is good for health.



There definitely are several health benefits of veggie juices...but I must say that there can be taste issues with some people, who are more into sweetened juices rather than the healthier ones.

I just upvote you and this is a very important post. help to the health . I like your post my friend

@intovert-dime is it good for fast digestions .what time it will give us more energy and benefit