Before leaving for work

in #food3 years ago

Good morning, all of Steemit's friends this morning before I work, I want to make a post

In the morning before doing activities in the morning I drank coffee first and ate like this, which is important to fill my stomach before leaving for work even though there is only food like this which is important to maintain health

And being able to work and try to always be grateful even if you eat a little because tomorrow, I can't be sure I can eat food like this and for you steemit wherever you are even though you can only make posts with one photo because of steem prices now but we can and should be grateful because you can still make posts even though one photo because there are still many of our brothers and sisters who can't make posts anymore because they have to buy an internet package and we can still be thankful

Once again, I am very grateful to be able to drink coffee and eat this morning, hopefully you all like food like this

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