Kuweh khanduri bak dayah dan kupi aceh

in #food4 years ago

Nyn hay ngn log mandum bak steemit nyo adalah khanduri kuweh bak pidato buno bak dayah awak kamo nyo alakadar bak khanduri.
Nyn lom wahay ngon log. khanduri nyo seubeutoi jih lage adat ureung aceh meunye na ureung rame meunye hana bu pasti na, dan dalom meunye kana kuweh harus na ie .nyn meunye ie teumon kuweh. image
Nyo ie kupi asli aceh ngom hn jeut laen sbb nyak cocok ngn kuweh adat aceh .

Nyn keuh nyn yang jeut log posting bak malam nyo wahay ngon log mandum ,jadi meunye na kureung harap maklum ju sbb tanyo manusia pasti na kesilapan .

Saleum dari log keu awak drnh mandum.@JAILANI08 .


The tradition of the Acehnese is very interesting and very calming

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