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Mango Crepe desserts look good and delicious . Ripe mangoes are lightly cooked in sugar syrup, and a creamy white sause. with toppings of chocolate ice ream and chocolate syrups.


Different kind of ice creams, i like avocado, and chocolate.


Mini cake, soft inside and sweet outside.

We eat at Marriott Hotel buffet. please support Original Photography. Thank you!

Medium : Asus Zenphone max plus.
Location : Pasay city, Philippines.
Original Photos of @jraysteem.

Kung ikaw ay isang Pinoy, please come and join our Filipino community here on Steemit: https://discord.gg/pzWkkQE


nice post eagerly waiting for more
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So awesome and delicious and for sure that chocolate ice cream and chocolate syrup is making an amazing essence and also it have really welcoming essence too.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂

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