Your stake is probably not made of pure meat.

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A stake is just a single cut of beef, right?

What could possibly be suspicious about that?


Well, if You are up for cheaper stakes, whether it is from the supermarkets or even Your local butcher, You could be eating tens of different cattle in a single stake. You are purchasing Frankenstein's stake that has actually been glued together from a whole array of off cuts. And this doesn't just happen with beef, it could also happen with lamb, pork, venison, or any meat really.

When many types of animals are being turned into various types of small food products a lot of waste is created, and general chunks of meat that would most likely be thrown away. Some unscrupulous companies and butchers use a meat glue called transglutaminase, which is well known in the food industry and is completely untraceable within the final product.


They basically glue the leftover pieces that could have come from many different animals to create one big Frankenstein's stake for Your enjoyment.

Transglutaminase is so good at fusing meat together that it takes and expert to examine the meat very closely to detect it. The best part, it's not a legal requirement to list it as an ingredient.

So if You thought Your are eating single and pure slices of meat in the stake, without being tricked by the industry, think again and bon appetit.

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You made me think about the food i put in my mouth. Don't know whether to thank you or be angry at you 😁

ahahaha that was my goal :DD

Wtf, had no idea this is happening...there's so much crazy stuff going on in the food industry. Here a short video demostration:

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And btw, your title should say steak instead of stake.

Oh, thank you for correction, and thank you for resteem my friend :)

Wow, this is eye opening. I usually only eat steak at restaurants because I'm not much of a chef, but I'd hate to be paying big for what I assume is a good cut, only to get scraps.

Be careful my friend, globalization is deceiving :)

Mislim da smo svi, vise-manje, svesni ovoga. Sad but true.

U pravu si, pokusavam da osvestim one koji nisu, mozda neko i uradi nesto povodom toga.

Nadajmo se da hoce.

You mean "steak", not "stake". Proof of Steak.