A Jar of Nutella

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I sucked it up and bought a jar of nutella for the first time in probably at least 10 years, how crazy is that? To me it is quite crazy, I hardly ever buy spreads or peanut butter or anything like that, only when I'm super hungry at the store. But then again, I have to stumble upon these items first and since I never get them I guess I don't really get to see them on the shelves.

This time however, I was looking to spend some money and needed to buy anything at all just to have around in the house in case I need it . . . and then I saw Nutella, so I grabbed a jar without even thinking really. Now, a couple weeks later I got around to taking pictures of it actually eating some. By the way, nutella toasts are coming to the blog in a few day (or the latest next week) depends on how often I am going to be posting haha.

So are there any things that you like, but never really purchase, food wise?

The images were taken with a Canon EOS 5D Mark III and a Canon EF - 40mm - F/2.8 lens.


For me its Nutella too, but for different reasons. I love it so much and if I have it in the house, I am constantly going and have spoonfuls, its so addictive. So I don't buy it because I know I have no self control.🐷

Hahaha! It is good indeed! I haven't had spoonfuls of it myself yet (only when I was a kid), but my husband has haha it funny!

Yeah both Nutella and peanut butter have a bad habit of getting in my mouth. I have to avoid!

If you buy plain peanut butter, the kind that doesn't even have salt and separates it is less likely to get consumed because you have to stir it and at least salt it to enjoy. You're going end up either working for it or skipping :D

Excellent tip. I had never looked at it from that point of view before.

Thanks! I even had to give a brand new jar of peanut butter away to a friend because it was approaching expiration date, but nobody ate it for that very reason above :D

I LOVE LOVE NUTELLA! I'm crazy about it haha, I don't even care that its bad for you lol. I'll die eating what I love! Lol

Hahaha! Of course, you do, sweet tooth! :)

Hah, never go to the store hungry. You'll make irrational decisions. Shown by science. :p

Ah yes, that's what I read too, there's also a good thing about being hungry at the store is that you will buy all your favorite things :D

Mmmm me and my kids love Nutella on toast! Its hard not to eat it by the spoon full!!

Agreed! I actually just tried it on toasted bagels the other day and it was delicious. I'll post pictures in the next few days haha


I think this is one of the things that I love that I can not buy, they cost a lot of money in my country, only the rich can buy it or you can buy it if you travel outside of here

There are many things that I love that I can not buy for the cost

How are you friend?

Yeah, I can feel you on that, most imported goods are expensive and there's no way around it unless the country you live in has good import deals worked out. To be honest, I don't buy Nutella often, even though the price of it is not that high over here I've only bought it once and I've been living in the states for over three years.

Doing good, just chilling :) and what about you?

This happens sometimes we walk in the street and suddenly we see something and we buy it because we believe that at some moment we will need it hahaha and it happens a lot of time when we need it also happens to me

I would love a big nutella

Yeah, I can feel you on that haha. Sometimes I make purchases like that as well :)

ooo длиннющий список всяких вредностей от пироженок-тортиков до чипсиков и кока-колок.
да, это вкусно, но я это не ем и не покупаю никогда! (в этот момент нимб у меня засверкал)))) хахахха)))

Хахаха! Вы только посмотрите! Я тоже пирожки не покупая и прочую выпечку, но чипсы и кола - это святое (иногда) :)

I have never eaten Nutella, it seems to have been to find such food in my country.

Oh really? That's crazy! Basically, it's just a hazelnut/chocolate spread, it's pretty good!

hahaha, this is crazy sis, because I'm hungry to see your post.:)

Rule no1 never go at the supermarket when you are hungry ! the odds of buying something you mustn't eat (and you like it ) is super high !

I am keeping my distance from the candy, chocolate section.. xD

Hahaha, yeah this is true, but when you're full you don't even want to shop really, like "oh I don't really want anything right now" hahaha

The only section that I cannot pass is the Pocky section :)


Ah yes, Nutella! Haven't had that in the house since we last moved, and that was 2011. Miss it every now and then, but have never been near the market when I've thought about it.

OK, so here's a strange one for you: Marmite. That's a taste memory from being very young. Haven't had any of that around in a really long time, either.


I know how you feel! I haven't had Nutella in what feels like ages haha well . . until now! You should definitely get some next time you're shopping to resurrect the memories haha.
Marmite is something I have never heard about, I looked it up and it says that it's British spread, maybe this is the reason? I actually grew up in Crimea and only been here in the US for a few years, this is why I am unfamiliar with Marmite.