What is tofu and how did I cook it at home

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Today, my father asked me: "What is tofu?"
This conversation gave me the idea that not everyone can know what kind of product it is and how it can be prepared. So I decided to write a short post about it, because I love tofu!

In general, tofu is a soy product that is derived from ... soy milk. It is heated on low heat and lemon juice is added. In the process, the vegetable protein is folded and separated from the water to produce tofu.

And relatively recently, I tried to cook it at home myself.

For cooking, I used soy milk (which I also cooked myself) about 1.7 liters and lemon juice. Approximately 50 ml.


In the heated milk, I gradually poured lemon juice. You can also use citric acid, but I read that it can turn out too sour.




After all the protein had coagulated, I passed it through a towel (I didn't find gauze). As a result, the portion came out sooo small, it surprised me a lot, so I did not even leave tofu under pressure. Just pressed tight and done!


The product turns out almost tasteless, slightly has a taste of soybeans.


Kitten pleased with the result.


What, then, can be made from tofu? Yes, almost anything.
Stuffing for pancakes, additive in salad and soup, fried tofu, omelette with tomatoes, cheesecakes, stew tofu with vegetables, add to the pie, the basis for light desserts.
Personally, I'm crazy about fried tofu. Pre-marinate it in soy sauce, citric acid, salt, dried garlic and spices. Then roll in breadcrumbs and fry in butter.
And the last time I was preparing a pie made from unleavened dough with olives, tofu, garlic, onions and potatoes. It was awesome!