A Michelin one star Yakitori (Japanese BBQ) Restaurant

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Hey my dear steemit friends, today I would like to share a nice journey with Japanese BBQ with you.

We went to Tori Shin, a famous Michelin one star in New York City. We ordered seasonal pre-fix and the experience is absolutely incredible, and I highly recommend it if you are visiting NYC!


Before it starts

The first picture dedicated to our lovely chef, who made all the delicious food for us :-)



The backyard garden is cute, enriching the whole experience.



Enjoying Yakitori without Sake is like watching superbowl without beer. We tried a seasonal sake, which is smooth and with floral flavor.



The food, really

Pickles from house to wake up your palates.



Seasonal appetizer, grilled bamboo, vegi, and tofu skin. The best bamboo I ever had! I want to become a panda lol



We are told that uni is available as extra appetizer (with extra $$), but, who can say no to uni? They actually put gold flakes on top of it. Perfectly prepared!



First BBQ dish: grilled chicken gizzard. Super juicy!!



Inner chicken thigh. Juicy and tasty.



Grilled chicken breast and meat ball.



Grilled mushroom. Again, super juicy!!



A seasonal dish, made with chicken and pickles.



Now it comes with the highlight of night: chicken oyster! It's claimed to be the best part of chicken, and it does tasty nice.



BBQ avocado, surprise? :-)



BBQ chicken wing. Again, perfectly handled.



Oyakodon (Chicken and Egg Bowl).



3 flavor of creme brulee: green tea, sesame, and earl grey.




It's super tasty but also expensive. It costed us about $300 for 2 people. I do think it worths the money since the experience is simply perfect and the food is soooo unique. I will write up more food report for Michelin star restaurants so hopefully soon you will see why I think it's worth the money :-)

总体而言,菜品精致,体验一流,价格略贵。人生在于体验,偶尔吃吃还是不错的 :-)

If you are interested to try, the restaurant is in Hell's kitchen, New York City:

Thank you for reading. Your comment, upvote, and resteem are my biggest motivation to post :-)

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it look nice, simple, I would like to try it

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looks tasty and i suddenly got hungry from your post, i'm glad i have some sneakers to grab beside me. lol :D

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As promised, finally wrote this post! hope you will love it :-)

Very nice .. the place is really amazing, creative
Great pictures from you, well done
Thanks for sharing

Janapese is known for their perfectionist attitute that is why they are one the most advance country in terms of technology. Through this premise, i coupd say that their food is also perfectly made and surely it taste great 😄

Janapese is known for their perfectionist attitute that is why they are one of the most advance country in terms of technology. Through this premise, i could simply say that their food was also perfectly made and surely its taste was great 😄



WOW! The food looks great! Sadly its not available in my country. But it is still great to read about your food journey! Hopefully one day I can travel over and give it a try. Upvoted!

follow me dear friend

Nice post. I always wanted to go japan and china all for food you know. I am from India , Northeast (Arunachal in particular) our food taste are kinda same .
I love those Japanese , Chinese food especiall the street foods. Checked out a lot in youtube :). Hope one day i visit those places and have some good food :)

I've been to Japan a few times and the food there is just beyond incredible and so fresh! It's hard for many Westerners to understand how the standard of food in Japan and some other East Asian countries is just next level. I very much wonder how the food at Torishin compares to the food in Japan. Great read! Thanks :)

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I owe about 10 of these haha, good post



Interesting post good work keep it up

Its again a Very good post and good recipe, I like it, and really will try to make it, keep it up, thanks for sharing with us, you are a good steemain and doing better work @ this platform. Thank You.

Thank you @leftbank for sharing about Japaneas BBQ. By reading you recipes I really interested about it. Yeas I would try it. Can't Wait to resteem it.

This looks like some heavy meal. Sure looks ideal for a visitors meal.

Seeing the water, the water came in the tongue


i love Japanese and japanese food

so delicious yummm yummmmy

Hola soy amante de la comida japonesa! Esto se ve maravilloso, Lastima que estoy en Venezuela y no pueda ir a probar, gracias por mostrar lo hermoso y delicado de la comida japonesa un abrazo.

Very cool. A friend of mine is visiting there soon, I'll be sure to send him this information!

haha nice prank

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By looking at this delicious and attractive dishes I am getting more and more hungry.

There is a different tradition of food in every country. Here's a list of food items with different types of photos. I myself am also a food junkie. I like to eat food. If you travel to Japan in the future, of course you will not forget to eat food.

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Oh my, the food looks fantastic. I'll be sure to check out this restaurant when I come to NYC. See you out there :)

It all looks so good! The price, though. Wow

if this food`s used harm free material when its making duration will be best for human health,
the article is very smart decorated 773b5dcf6dec127d25528414f228474e.gif

Excellent !! Cooking is an art, perhaps the most intense pleasure and the occasion to travel to thousands of places with just a bite.

You have to tell the taste of creme brulee, it looks great.

Thank you for sharing food, culture, love and life through your images.

It look really delicious. Definitely worth the money. Great post.

Kind Regards.


Looks very nice and delicious. I love Chinese food. It is healthy and yummy.

Great .wish to eat !

Wow, this looks absolutely delicious! Thanks for sharing :)

Looks delicious!
I didn't know you can grill bamboo! I need to try it.

This makes me so hungry
Just watching these pictures of the wonderful food

First of all thank you for sharing this recipe.i want to make it.i really inspired. i just love you

Jealous right now.

They don't seem to cook the meat so much. I guess it is to avoid the meat to become so hard. It's look great though and the way Japanese present their wood is also very artistic. That's what I like about them when it comes to their food.

Looks like a great place! all the food looks so yummy... making me feel hungry now lol

Nice to meet you! I love "Tyoutin" even among yakitori! !


so beautiful food.
best of luck...

Wow!!! That was an expensive meal @leftbank
But from the photos, maybe worth to try it once for a special occasion

焦糖布丁 芝麻口味还真没试过呢。


My tongue has already got wet seeing such wonderful food items.Hope to visit your country .

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Thank you for sharing about Japanese BBQ... I like it, love it😍😍💖

I love your contribution congratulations for such a good contribution <3

Japanese food is excellent offer a variety of unique flavors! just seeing the photos made me very hungry! Thanks for the input

all the dishes look stunning <3 Wish I could visit Japan one day

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wow !! I like this.


I feel hungry to see the pictures you share, but it seems a bit expensive

This is very nice. I will try to make it later but now I want it. It's very Delicious .. yummy yummy

Nice picture the moments,
as the food was tasty and delicious

Wow nice i like to check this japanis bbq

Nice picture the moments,
as the food was tasty and delicious

i want to try it someday! Oishii

i am from pakisatn pakistani foods esapically bbq is also very famous all over the world .this meal is realy moth watering
kndly upvote my comment and follow me

Thanks for sharing.

The food look extremely yummy!
I am thinking to have yakitori for my next meal now! lol..

"Japanese BBQ Restaurant" Have a good stuff and i also visit "Japanese BBQ Restaurant" to taste of such a good stuff

Wow looking at the pictures am hungry already...
Very nice
Please next time you are there take me alongside with you

delicious food dishes and vitamin fiber, cooking is my hobby, thank for sharing @leftbank:)

aiya a lot little friend go eat gui food , how can you a lot money do

Food looks rich and healthy. with vegetables and meats of good quality and preparation

As well as the samples here, Japanese gastronomy is interesting. I hope someday to have the opportunity to go and enjoy that exciting world

Nice share brother. I hope they didn't give you baked dog instead of chicken. 😂😂😂

Steady and very nice your post, I really like it...
my username is @badriadi83, please see my post if you wish, thank you


Muy suculento!!! Además de interesante...

oooh love the presentation of all of these :D the grilled chicken gizzard looks bomb

Definitely a great post, but I am just wondering how much does is the total cost to eat in a one star Michelin restaurant?

An exquisite presentation that gives to say Delicious. Thanks for sharing!

Thanks @leftbank for sharing your expensive dining out experience. I loved Japanese food; however, I doubt it very much if I would want to spend $300 for just one meal. But of course this is about preferences and taste that one has to account for and you absolutely made yours. wonderful.

Looks like some interesting dishes! You should consider joining #STEEMFoodTours with your next restaurant review :)


Amazing, You are incredible, just browse the articles of friends

really yummy japanies food ....tasty look like

It looks interesting, I would like to eat something from there

Espero sigan obteniendo mas estrellas. Les felicito, que sigan cocinando exquisito y cosechando éxito.

WoW this looks delicious. I've gone to plenty of Japanese style BBQ...this is a mouth watering post for sure.

Happy evening @leftbank, a simple but provocative dish, attracts attention, if you know how it looks, it must have been super delicious, thank you for sharing part of the image of the place, very hygienic by the way, and that is its greatest attraction. enjoy your meal!

OMG thanks so much for sharing. It literally got my mouth watering:D
As I was reading through the post I was thinking this can't possibly be cheap. But I would eat from the dollar menu at Mcdonald's for a long time to afford this.
I will make a note to try and swing by.
Thanks again for sharing!

We live in samll town with not resturants even clsoe to what you shared. food is a good reason to travel. thanks.

I like. It nice in job

@leftbank - It never ceases to amaze me how food selections, varieties, preparation and presentation vary from culture to culture throughout the world. Discovering it little bit by little is like enjoying a bottomless coffee... the awesomeness just never ends! :)

Toda comida japonesa a la BBQ es deliciosa .. felicidades gran post

They look amazing. But they are expensive. I am not sure if I would buy or not :(

o wow looks amazing!

This looks absolutely incredible. You’re making me starving.

Wow it's so really great and it's look like delicious... Thanks for sharing to us..

it look awasome, simple, I would like to try it!!!!

Yummy..nice food... I like your blog....