Aquavit: a Michelin two star restaurant

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My dear steemit friends, I would like to share fantastic food journey in Aquavit, which is a two Michelin star restaurant. They serve awesome Scandinavian/Nordic cuisine!


This is how the restaurant looks outside.



The food

Warm and soft banana bread with butter to wake up your palates.



Appetizer 1: beef tartar with fish roes and poached egg. The poached egg is the best handled one I ever had! It's right in the boundary of liquid and solid, where the taste and texture is perfect as liquid, but stays together when you cut it to avoid the mess.



Appetizer 2: pickle fish, potato tart, and potato skillet. Fish is juicy and potato is crispy yet flavorful .

腌鱼肉,土豆塔,配铁板土豆。很地道的北欧菜 lol 味道很不错



Entree 1: cod, avocado, and poached egg. Again, the poached egg is perfect!



Entree 2: black-end seared sea bass . Delicious!



Desert 1: birds' nest. This is the best dish of the meal! The details are perfectly handled: the "egg shell" was created with white chocolate and is hard, while the "egg" is stuff with cheese so it's soft. They even make sure the "egg yolk" is yellow! And, it's really delicious!



Desert 2: cake with ice cream, also delicious!



The price

Some of you might be interested about price. It's actually not bad! A pre-fix menu for lunch is $58, including 3 dishes (the pickled fish w/ potato, black-ended sea bass, and cake w/ ice cream). The other three dishes are a bit more expensive so it costs about $200 in total (tax and tips included). As two Michelin star restaurant, it's really decent!


If you are interested to try, it's in midtown east, New York.


Thank you for reading. Your comment, upvote, and resteem are my biggest motivation to post :-)

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This is very interesting to me. Not only that the restaurant is beautiful, but the dishes also look delicious, and the price...OMG, it's so cheap. I love the poached egg and the bass. I think, it's a great fun for you. Keep sharing such things. You earned a follow :)

This meal is very unique and different from others. Specially this poached egg.

I totally agree with you on that, i really am curious on how it taste!

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which of the pics was the poached egg?

Entree #1

thank you :-)

cant really see a poached egg, just the beef tartare

I agree with you

it looks yummy and delicious....but the price?only rich people here in the phillippines can afford...but i wish i can go there also someday

OMG the desserts though! Perfectly plated and sure they look delicious. Dessert #01 really made it like a bird's nest :) And the lunch price seems reasonable for those who want to try out.

yeah the desert #1 is master piece. thanks for the comment!

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looks like a great Place :)

I came to Aquavit with my partner when we were in New York City, looking for a romantic dinner at an affordable price. The executive chef Emma Bengtsson is the second woman in the United States to command a two Michelin star kitchen (the other is Dominique Crenn of Atelier Crenn in San Francisco), which was a huge selling point for both of us.

I remember her main (the salmon) was to die for, and so were the deserts. I put on OpenTable that it was a date night, and got complimentary drinks from the kitchen. Overall, I feel like Aquavit benefits from what I call the "NYC Michelin Bump" -- with so many Michelin choices around New York, you get quite a few at quite good value. Aquavit is one of them, and I highly recommend visiting.

Thanks for the photos, the review of the food, and the memories you elicited :)

Hey @eternallearner thanks a lot for sharing your own experience! I actually didn't know the history of the restaurant before reading your post :-) Totally agreed that gives more meaning to every single dish.

And yeah the fish is simply amazing! I was planning to visit Le Bernardin and would like to compare the fish. But I enjoyed every bite I had in Aquavit!

Say hi to your partner please, wish you have an awesome weekend and can live the way you want!

A fair price for 2** Michelin 2018 Guide restaurant indeed.
Have you tried aquavit, a flavoured spirit that is principally produced in Scandinavia? I would if I where you, especially as the restaurant has the same name.

aha I will check it out! thanks a lot for the tip!

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Quite love and amazing photography. The fact that each food put up there has some input of vegetables or fruits makes it healthy and nutritional for the body system. You are what you eat! Take healthy diet!............Lovely

thank you :)

I seriously enjoy your food-blog or what me and my foodie friends call it, flog! Not so expensive yet the food looks very well presented!

thank you :-)

this one is quite expensive (for me at least, lol)

@leftbank looks like an awesome spot to visit. Find it quite interesting that they served a banana bread at the beginning as you somewhat think of it as a sweet serving rather than a savoury... but an interesting idea to try (and I do LOVE banana bread).

The potato skillet and the avocado, cod and poached egg look amazing!!

I do have a question though... did you eat all of this alone or was this more than one persons serving? Because I can eat a fair amount of food haha and there is absolutely NO way i could have consumed all of that!! Hehehe

haha we were a party of two :-)

hehehe ok, well that seems more manageable :) lol

Beautiful picture

seems delicious food. thank you for sharing

light breakfast with reasonably low calories very much required


哈哈 完全同意!

Mmmh, lecker :)

Very interesting dishes, I always like visiting Michelin star places :)

the restaurant is very unique and interesting. The food looks very delicious. yummy .... If
I live near the restaurant, I would love to visit that restaurant. But unfortunately, it is very far from my country.

steemit community brought us together and I wish you can visit wherever you want to visit one day!

Thanks for sharing this beautiful food pictures! I like them all!

All foods are delicious.I like this all food.Thanks @leftbank posting all delicious food.Keep it up.

This is awesome @leftbank i think your mostly post are amazing👍😊

thank you :-)

This meal is very unique and different from others. Specially this poached egg. Thank you.

I had never seen this food.that's a great info for me I will try these all thanks you so much for this ......

my pleasure!

Wow yummy,yummy nice food, i think it will be delicious.

@leftbank Thanks for sharing your special moment in that amazing restaurant, I think cooking is a kind of art and should be consider like that. It is one of my favorite things although I'm not a cook.

Excelente comida y un sitio muy especial, gracias por compartir esta experiencia.

Everything looks delicious, I want to try everything. Beautiful Entry!

awesome food photographs and travel blog you have shared, this is a great one.



Nice of u guys

wow, I love the first path you wrote that the food will wake up palates.
Now that am far away in Nigeria, how do we go about me coming?
Lets do it this way, you pay for my flight and I will pay for the food.
just kidding, you got a lovely post @leftbank

let me know if you visit new york city one day!

okay, thanks

Se ve delicioso! Provocativo post!

what a provocative menu, it looks very rich, and to complete give a good taste to the palate, that rich ice cream cake for dessert, ufff, I hope one day to have the opportunity to try, thank you for sharing greetings.

yeah the desert elevated the whole experience to another level!

I keep raising expectations, greetings, I love reading every day.

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very good pictures the food looks exquisite.

thanks :-)

I wish we had Michelin Star restaurants in Australia

that's fine you get awesome coffee :-)

Wow..everything looks delicious, i loved the cake with ice cream. Excellent restaurant Aquavit...

All the food looks good!
BTW, I think expensive food should be delicious, of course.


世界上美食很多 值得一一探索 :)

Um... looks delicious! I would like to make reservations for four people, May 5th at 8.00 pm!

lol call the restaurant directly :)

Very pretty dishes to look at and I imagine they taste great too. So the more Michelin stars, the fancier the restaurant? Thanks for sharing this feast with us.

yeah there can be 1 ~ 3 stars, the more the better:

Screen Shot 2018-04-21 at 9.15.38 PM.png

Thank you for explaining that

Aquavit. 65 E. 55th St., New York 10022 Driving directions. MICHELIN Guide 2018. Scandinavian. Two MICHELIN Stars : Excellent cooking, worth a detour! The personality and talent of the chef and their team is evident in the expertly crafted dishes, which are refined, inspired and sometimes original. Very good standard.

Wow what a lovely post,looking forward for more of this.

Wow, to realize what you lose in the other part of the world makes you want to cry, hahaha thanks, how delicious those dishes are, I must eat now



Fantastic journey !! Thanks for sharing your experience.

I want to eat banana bread. It looks like so delicious. I have a sweet tooth.

looking deleious

Food is life .... Aquavit restaurants outside looking is beautiful.. and also their food presentation really awesome...each and every food is very well decorated... and looks delicious... I think it’s tests was great... thanks for sharing this food article..

yeah really tasty :-) thanks for you comment!

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Really its great , delicious yummy food. i love it . When I see the picture, tongue water comes out to have this yummy food. thanks for sharing

Nice dishes!

Very interesting dishes, I always like visiting Michelin star places :)

Waoo me encanto tu post , me gustaron las imagenes con comidas unicas y elegantes, todo unico , saludos.

great pics , liking the great views

seeing those dishes makes me starve .. i found nothing in the kitchen except 2 eggs so i boiled them . the worst part is that i'm still hungry and i'm still watching this article hhhhh

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Genius is a great post, so you countless
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this is food tasti and healti
this food too much testy
coalityfy food
all every body this food like this

I think this food is very tasty. I love food.

Awesome, all these stuff reflecting one common essence and that is deliciousness essence which is giving amazing effect to stomach and pushing to eat these stuff because in my opinion every person like the eating time because eating delicious stuff gives healing effect and also produce healthy and positive thoughts and from all these stuff i specially liked, egg stuff, fish stuff and ice cream. Thanks for sharing this foodie post with us and wishing you an great day. Stay blessed. 🙂

thank you :-)

Welcome. 🙂

Wow... I can just imagine what I could learn as a cook working there. Only in dreams it seems like I could achieve it. I won't give up, maybe one day!

Cheers from Venezuela!

keep the hope and it will become true one day!

with this post you are making me hungry!

Amazing to watch this beautiful place

Nice picture and moments,
I like the photos, the moment and I want to try the food because it seems delicious and delicious

delicious ♥_♥

Thanks for sharing this good food from your country.

Wow that does look good! A little too pricey for me lol but someday I will be able to spend 53 bucks on lunch. lol :)

Super nice plates! the presentation is incredible, very detailed, worthy of a winner of two michelin stars.

Quite and interesting content. Thanks for sharing.


Its Really A Amazing I Likr It And I Hope U Will Become A Great Person Ever

The meals look so good!

Wow!!, your restaurant is very decent and reputable. The menu of your food has brought water into my mouth; so, I have a desire to give an order. Thank you for sharing informatics post. :)

It looks interesting, to try something different from everything normal accustomed

Healthy & nice

hello good menu food please you vote me and follow

avocado... and egg...!!!!
that is tasty of cinema...

Poached egg looks delicious!!!
Now I am Hungry!!

to be a restaurant of only 2 stars everything has a very good presentation, and it looks apparently divine, simple but divine

Wow, this looks so delicious! Appetizer 2... I would love to try it! Best wishes from Germany. Upvoted and Followed :)

great dishes to taste/............

Great post!
Thanks for tasting the eden!

I like how the restaurant presented their meals. That beaf tartar is my favourite!!

I am pleased to know that steem are handled at Huobi og Chinese exchange.

I like the setup, the simplicity, well display. great restaurant to visit one day

Agree with you this is unique and never compared! I usually try this on my kitchen. soon