Burger Observation: Hangry Much? Pt.2

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You could see that Kurt eye were blood shot, he was really hangry.

Suddenly he starts talking to the people in the seating area…
"I thought this was fast food" he said in a loud voice, he then turned towards me and said "I'm not coming back, this is ridiculous". Though he was talking to me he made sure that the people around us heard him.

Now that he had gotten the shift manager's attention, he started to tech the burger joint how to run their business.
Kurt pointed at the kitchen and asked "Why are there two cooks and only one assembler?", he goes on to state that a better setup would be "One cook and two assembler, and one person checking the order".

I had to agree with him on that one, as we could all see that the slowdown was due to the one person trying to assemble all the burgers. However at this stage he was causing a bit of a scene, the shift manager took our number and made sure that the kitchen filled our order first.

It still took several minutes for our order to come and during that time Kurt was just none-stop complaining.

In the end we waited a total of 40 minutes (10 minutes line to order, 30 minutes for the order) for a couple of burgers and fries. In my opinion that is way too long for fast food standards, however I thought Kurt could have handled it better.

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In my country... when you complain about service (and you are right), you are being either bad attitude guy, picky and/or intolerant fucking stupid customer. When you complain about quality (no matter the time you wait) and you are right, you are a King!

Basically, I have learned that if there is no quality, there's nothing you should protect against. Free for all baby!

thanks😘 for sharing your story🍔

Thanks for the support!

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