Sample Observation: Free Ice Cream?

in #food3 years ago


Went to one of the ice cream shops down at darling harbour the other day.

I was surprised that there were a few people in line to get ice cream when the weather have been pretty cold.

I was one of the people waiting in line, and there were two staffs working so the line was moving pretty fast.

This ice cream shop does allow for sampling of the ice creams, which is a good thing because you don't want to commit on getting a favour that you don’t like.

So while we were waiting in line, this girl went to up to the counter and asked to sample one of the favours, so the staff took a little spoon and scooped up a sample of her.

After she sampled that favour, she asked to sample another, then another, then another… During that time we were all guessing which favour she would go for in the end, only to see her say "Thanks!" and then walked off.

@[email protected], I wondered if the ice creams were just not to her liking or she was full from all the sampling.


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