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RE: Bina's Yeast Rolls (with recipe)

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I love hearing about the stories behind family recipes.. I feel like so much love and culture is passed down through the food we make for our families. My grandmother was an amazing cook and I have the best memories of her in the kitchen making something amazing.. I love that I now how those recipes (and old books with scribbled notes) that I use with my own daughter.. there is something special about that.

I was like you though and didn’t have her teach me many of her recipes so I’ve had some trial and error discoveries as well! It feels great when you finally get it right!

Thanks so much for sharing this delicious looking recipe and the your families story behind it. I really enjoyed it!


I have a few of her other recipes, mostly for cookies and the rømmegrøt for Christmas, that she gave me when she was still alive. With the recipes came her firm command that I only make them at Christmas so that they don't become ordinary. Even now that she's gone I wouldn't dare disobey her! One year I sent my brother in law some cookies from her recipes. He said they tasted "almost" like hers. I had cheaped out on the spices - fresh nutmeg and cardamom. I made sure to have them the next time and he said I'd nailed it. I was so proud.

I have some of my grandmother's recipes with her handwritten notes and I cherish those and that connection with her. Those really are special! And how wonderful that you are sharing with the next generation(s)!