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Change one thing.

How many times have you told yourself"Right,from today i am going to eat healthily,exercise,take time out for myself,stay calm,relax,meditate,get a good night's rest...?Unless you have had a dramatic health crisis that forces life style turnaround,trying to tackle all aspects at once is too overwhelming and your sense of righteous deprivation is bound to crumble.A much more manageable (and successful) option is to choose one thing,implement the change and make it part of your life;then move on to the next change and so on.Health experts across a range of disciplines share their tips and idea's if you have an issue with discipline.

Limit portion sizes.

How much do you eat at once,if you think it is to little use your hand to see how much you should be eating as the size of your hand is how much you need!
By this it means:no more than a fist full of carbohydrates,a palm of protein,thumb size cheese peanut butter, a thumb tip of all fats,oils and margarines,and at least 2 hand fulls of vegetables.

A few more tricks that make a big difference.

1:Drink a glass of water about 300-500ml every morning.
2:Trust your gut,eat what you know will help with your emotional well being.
3:Redefine exercise.
4:Do at least 5 push ups and 5 sit ups before bed and after waking up.
5:Change your focus.
6:Take time to be me.

Breath in bed!

You are probably thinking,"is this guy feeling well,but i am hear to tell you yes i am.
Spend your first five minutes after waking up and the last five minutes before going to sleep,consciously breathing.
As this can help with the getting a goods night sleep.
while lying in bed,try to relax different parts of your body but start with your tongue, mouth and jaw,and slowly work your way down to your toes.
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