New Foods I Have Recently Experienced!Mouth Watering.

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Hey guys Today i am going to tell you all about my new food experiences but i am not showing any pics of me sorry guys i wish i could but i cant.
So first i was in India and my dad and i have this thing we call it the "hot hot challenge" and we did the challenge as usual i lost but i did better this time,we had ordered the very berry spicy bunny chow,new but HOT!! I really enjoyed India it was so much fun.The food was much differant and so was the experience,but we all enjoyed our selves.

Now my favorite was Australia,
the food was a bit differant and the sweets were much differant from where i am,
but they were good.

We got the full Australian experience when we where there,the fish was incredible.
We stayed in a hotel that served this hot and spicy chicken and yes you guessed write"hot hot challenge" we ordered the fish and DAMN!! this time it was really hot but i ....WON!!! i was so pleased with my self.

If you do not know the rules of hot hot challenge then i will quickly tell you.
1.NO, water or any drinks.
2.Have to finish your plate of food completely.
3.If you both finish then you wait till one drinks water,in case of tie then you both drink a bottle of hot sauce(it never gets that far lol)
4.Loser has to do what the winner wants for an hour no matter what.

Hope you all enjoyed if you did let me know and will post more posts like this and about my food experiences.
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