On sunny Sunday we made ourself's Pizza time

in #foodlast month


We prepared Sunday lunch today together with my boyfriend, our pizza is nothing special, we made it at home, chose the ingredients of our choice and I can tell you that it is excellent. It is not vegetarian because one of the ingredients is salmon.


For the dough, we used the purchased puff pastry, which is purchased together with the baking paper, it just needs to be nicely placed in the baking pan.

For the filling we used:

  • tomato puree
  • green olives stuffed with
    red pepper
  • filed dried red
  • capers
  • smoked salmon and
  • vegetarian mini


After the dough was rolled out, we first spread the tomato puree and evenly distributed all the above ingredients over the entire surface.

It looks good and it was very tasty.

Image: photography from my LG Q7

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