Made My Own Martini With Spicy Homemade Olives.

in #food4 months ago

Happy hour from my last Sunday evening. I made my own Martini with garnish homemade spicy preserved olives from my yard. And of course with some chexmix from my neighbor.


An easy getaway to end my weekend, simply with mix gin and some vermouth along with orange peel citrus spray.

Thank you for visiting my blog and Happy New Year.



It looks beautiful and delicious. Thank you for this valuable participation. I hope you put the recipe for us

Hi @lfgiaa,
To make martini just mix some gin and vermouth with 1:1 to 1:2 ratio or depending on how do you like your taste, then few dash of squeeze an orange peel in it.

Happy, blessed, prosperous, healthy New Year, dear Lugina!
Thank you for letting me get to know you,

Hi @chriddi,

Thank you for passing by, it's my pleasure to get to know you too. Thank you @stef1 to write about you, since beginning i love your article (although i have to use Google translate 😜)
Have a joyful, healthy and safe new year. 🥂 Many more blessing years to come.

I think I need a Martini right about now~^^ lol

Hi @gungho,
Being mom is amazing but
mom's time is really releasing our stuffy head, either hang out with other moms, shopping or treating ourselves with a glass of wine/cocktail in the tub.


It seems that your Martini is delicious, but I have never tasted Martini.

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