New Year's Cheers 🥂 With Cinamon Spiced Pineapple And Tequila Cocktail.

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It's raining, foggy and cold in Sacramento during holiday season, but it won't stop us for a toast of "Cinamon Spiced Pineapple Cocktail".


Made from pressed fresh pineapple, tequila, rum, lemon juice, sugar and grated cinamon sticks with measurement 1 big cup of jigger tequila, 1 small cup of jigger rum for every cup of pineapple juice. Or you can adjust to your own desire along with lemon juice, cinamon and sugar (syrup).
I made in two styles, one for new year's eve and for the second night.
First style is garnish in foams of pineapple juice itself with dash of grated cinamon and the other one is garnish with the cinamon stick.


Well, we are taking an advantage of the stay at home order (state order and weather order) by spending time with families on the phone and video call locally and overseas.


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Hi @nainaztengra,
Cheers 🥂 and happy new year.

Delicious drink @lugina
I had some sweet red wine for myself, really so delicious :D

Happy new year @cryptopie.

Hi dear @lugina, I hope you are doing well as well as your family, it is a long time that I have not seen you posting but of course I see that you are visiting my blog.

From one side I can understand that you are busy with your home, your son and probably just enjoying the real life around .

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Hi everyone,
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I was a bit busy, my husband worked non stop for the whole week last week and he was sleeping at the office to fix some network issues.
I myself got a home project too, thinking to start sell my chilli sauce but laws are too complicated i may postpone first for that.
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I miss your posts @lugina