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"Hello to the whole Steemit community, I want to share with you how to prepare crepe.

During a walk through the Plaza Mayor shopping center, I decided to go to dinner at the food fair. Located in Lechería Estado Anzoátegui.

I got a lot of attention while the guys prepared this fabulous recipe. While looking at them they asked me if I wanted to learn how to prepare this dish, I felt very happy and very animated, I answered yes, I prepared my camera and here I will leave the steps to make the pancake

Next the ingredients and utensils.

• 1 liter of water
• 1 kg of wheat flour
•1 egg
• 200 gr of sugar
• 5 gr salt
• a blender
preferably industrial, because for a basic blender, you get from 4 to 5 crepes and from an industrial blender approximately 50 to 60 crepes.
• 2 pallets and 2 griddle, the iron has to be round for the preparation of the crepe and the square that is for the preparation as such for the public.

Elaboration process:

STEP 1 We must wash our hands to start manipulating our materials, put water in a container with a pinch of salt.



We are adding wheat flour little by little.


PASO #3: Once the wheat flour is added, mix it little by little, so that it is standard neither too liquid nor too thick.


Once the mixture is finished, proceed to spread the crepe.


And then my presentation is.



Investigating to find out where they started making these delicious recipes, a crepe is nothing more than a European recipe of French origin made primarily with wheat flour.
This dish was created in France and for its preparation you have to use water plus wheat flour.
It is suggested that the wheat flour be Leudante why it does not stick, however, with all the use tends stick the iron You can not necessarily use a blender, we can also use a large bowl and mix with a blender.

In view of the situation that exists in my country, Venezuela, the establishments of the mall Plaza Mayor have changed the recipe a bit. placing less ingredients, because many of the products are not on the shelves of establishments because of the economic crisis that exists in the country but likewise this recipe is of great help to the different chefs who want to eat something delicious and innovative How are the Crepe.

The Crepes: They are very versatile: their fillings can vary, this is one of my favorite cesar salad crepes with bacon sauce, but its varieties are endless: the crepe de carne perchada, the ham crepe with yellow or the white cheese, among others .


Super grateful to Mr. Melvin Rojas, for allowing me to enter his kitchen and teach me with much affection.


Video of the preparation

Greetings to all, I hope you encourage them to do so. Until a next publication and from now on ¡Bon Appetite!


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They look really yummie!

Thanks, they really are very good @jonsnow198

toda una nona ajjaajaj

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