Mushroom festival in Senj, Croatia

in #food3 years ago


Summer is not over just yet. I happen to find myself on a relaxing weekend with my family in our summer house in Senj and today, while having coffee and shopping groceries, we ran into Mushroom festival here.


There were a lot of people exhibiting different sorts of mushrooms and talking about their specifics...


My definitely favorite sort is boletus, or in Croatian - vrganj.


Last week in Zagreb, I prepared it for lunch with pasta and had my meal with glass of nice red wine... I like to cook, especially when I’m not obligated to do so ;)


Guys in Senj today were preparing some stew of mushrooms and meat... we had to run home, but it seemed really delicious.




How are you, my Steemian friends? :)

Are you enjoying this late summer days?





Last days for summer unfortunately, should be comsumed nice and deep to get ready for the winter. By the way mushroom subject is too dangerous for me cause two person was almost dying in my arms because of poisonous mushrooms. Some mushroom species which are toxic and non toxic are so identical that even local people cant figure out which one is what. But other than eating them, mushrooms are one of the fascinating organisms we live together. Almost magical they are :)

True that, mushrooms are something special... Though it’s true, one must be very careful when eating them, they can be very tricky...

Hermoso festival @matejka13, donde podemos disfrutar los más variados alimentos para cuidar nuestro cuerpo

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Very cool to see the stew cooking over the open flame like that. Looks primitive, but I bet it tastes delicious.