Hilsha Patala Dolma

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Hilsha Potol Dolma

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Hilsah is mind blowing tasted fish.
We can different dish Hilsa with different vegetable as different tasted.
Today share how can we made " Hilsha Patala Dolma " at home very simply .
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Ingredients: Hilsa fish, patal, coconut milk, sugar, chilli, Chinese nut basa, onion beta, ginger paste, bay leaf, arrow mustard oil.

Preparation Method: Wash the fish and keep the salt in it. Then add quantity of onion, garlic paste, ginger paste, Chinese nut bowl and salt to taste.

Then the coconut milk and sugar will be crushed with a paste. Fishes in it. Fish should be released with sour water. When the spleen is thick, serve it down.
All viewer are requested to try at home for you & family.


Its very simple to make & serve So any body can make it ..................

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