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I'm a loner type of person but whenever I don't want to. I am hungry for people's attention. Especially to the people that they will threat me like a family or a friend. I wasn't at home for how many months now. I miss the cooking that I did to them and eating together with my family and friends. That's why while I'm here in a place not be able to go home. I want to make my own family composed with just boardmates that became my friends.

When I was at home I always want that we eat together in the table. Having conversation while eating our meal. It makes me smile by doing that and now that I'm thinking of it. Damn, I really miss home together with my family and friends. But I know there's nothing I can do for now because of this quarantine. And to make it happen I should be the one will cook and let us eat together in one table. In that way, we can eat together and having conversations while eating.

Now, these kind of foods that I used to cook most of the time.


One of the most popular homemade food because of it's cheapness. We used to call "misua with sardines" originally came from it's main ingredients. This kind of food was so easy to cook. Just stew the onion and garlic in a heated cooking oil. Then after of it start stewing the sardines as well. When you'll think it's cooked add some water so that you can put misua of it. Misua is like a pansit but the texture and shape is different. After of it when the water is already boiling. That's the time the food is ready to serve.


This kind of food is very popular as well because of it's simplicity and cheapness. By placing the mung beans in a pot with water. Heat it until the water gets boil and let the mung beans will become soft. You know it's hard to eat mung beans if you'll eat it from it's original form. lol

When the mung beans is soft. Just like the process of cooking a sardines with misua. Stewing the spices of it before placing the soft mung beans into the pot. After the stewing of spices, place the water into it and place the soft mung beans at the same time. In just one boil of it, the food is now ready to serve.


The most delicious and the most popular of all. It's not just being cooked all the time because it's kind of expensive from those people who are in low class of life status. It's popular also because of taste and simplicity. Even in foreign countries knew about this kind of food.

"Adobo" has no translation because it was originally made from Philippines. "Manok" means a chicken, actually there are many types of adobo. Adobo is just a process of cooking it, not about the ingredients but the process. This is just simple in cooking it. Just like the otjer food, it's about stewing it. This is not a tutorial so I won't state how to cook it. Maybe nextime I'll be doing a tutorial for it but not now.

There you have it, because of my skills in cooking. We are eating in one table and do it all the time. I may far from home but at least I'm having a family here where my sadness can fade sometimes.

thank you for reading

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