Fast Food : What is fast food & how is its taste?

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Fast food is prepared and served fast at various food courts. Its taste is pungent. It usually contains a lot of animal fat or sugar. It is suited to serve the fast mode of life of the modern people.


Since modern people are busy with their worldly life and have very little time to spend during the office hours, they resort to fast foo centres and pacify their hunger at the shortest possible time. People like fast food today as this is prepared, served and eaten using very little time. They like it for its taste also. But the younger generations are more fond of this fast food. They relish the fast food items at every opportunity. It is also very popular today among the office-goers irrespective of age and class.


But these fast food are not congenial to our health. They are rich with spice and food additives. They contain less food values as they are mostly fried. Boiled vegetables, fish and meat curry and traditional home-made foods are suitable for humans. These are also our staple food. These food items give vitamins, proteins and other minerals to our body and fulfils our body requirements.


So, addiction to fast food should be avoided and people should develop a habit of eating home-made traditional food of our country. Though it may appear a elaborate process of eating but it is healthy.

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