Bear Naked Cereal - Trying something new for breakfast!

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Bear Naked Cereal: Chocolate Almond Clusters. It tastes amazing! Traded some of my Bitcoin Cash (BCH) for a gift card and picked up this cereal along with some other relatively healthy groceries.

If you'd like to trade your BCH for gift cards (or anything else, including cash) please check out


This cereal also contains Granola Clusters and Multigrain Flake Cereal. The box indicates that this cereal is a verified Non-GMO Project (non genetically modified organism). I like bear-shaped barcode too! The Nandibear loves it too! nandi bear luke

Thanks for stopping by and reading!

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Nandibear at the Forum:


Have a healthy breakfast sir @nandibear. Really crypto change our life especially the decentralised currency like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash make our life very smart.

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Always a pleasure to read your comments @msena! Very thorough and thoughtful comments. I really appreciate those who take the time to read the posts. Thanks! I agree, it does appear to be a healthy breakfast. I also agree that crypto and all things decentralized have changed our lives, especially bitcoin (BCH/BTC)!

Thank you sir.

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