Long day and was grateful for the healthy lunch cooked & served by Mrs. Nandibear!

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Just a quick report today. Was working indoors today. Had the opportunity to enjoy a fine meal which was prepared by my wife, Mrs. Nandibear!

The Nandibear is grateful!

Chicken, broccoli and fresh tomatoes topped with a little onion! Washed it down with a cold and refreshing cup of OJ (orange juice!).

I hope that everyone reading here was also able to enjoy at very least one good meal today. Talk more soon!

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Thanks for stopping by and reading!

PLEASE leave some comments! Talk a little!

Nandibear at the Bitcoin.com Forum:


Have a healthy food sir @nandibear. Enjoy your meal and thanks for sharing with us.

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Thanks @msena! You're welcome, happy to share. Hope you're enjoying a healthy meal too!

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