Healthy Homemade Ice Cream Is Not A Myth!

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Surely there's no such thing as a healthy ice-cream... Well my wife proved me wrong. No added sugar, no fat and vegan.


All you need is to freeze cut up bananas, dried prunes and cocoa powder. Then it is as simple as blending it all together.

Now first blend the prunes by themselves before you add the frozen bananas. There are no exact measurements, you just need more banana than the rest. When the banana is mixed with the prunes and cocoa it doesn't taste like banana and it is the banana that gives the ice-cream texture..

It is important however that it is eaten as soon as it is made though, as if not it melts down and no longer has an ice-cream texture and the taste changes back to plain banana.

This highlights how unnatural the commercially available icecreams are given their ability to hold that ice-cream texture indefinitely.


The prunes act as cookie dough.. It's sticky and chewy, yum. Make sure you use enough cocoa powder to make it taste like chocolate. When blending it keep tasting it so you can add what you think is needed... Start with a handful of prunes for example and if you decide you need more add more...
You can pre-blend a heap of prunes and add the blended prunes in slowly.

You won't believe how ice-creamy it tastes and you'll feel great that you made it yourself!


wow , that looks great , and healthy

Whoever first came up with this recipe is a genius. My Mum turned me onto it about 5 years ago. I usually just do banana and cinnamon but I should experiment further.

I miss the 90's...not the crack and crime, but otherwise it was great.

I think homemade Ice-creamvis better than other food places because at will add known ingredients but in food processing industries they use preservatives that have addverse affects on health great post keep it up @nolnocluap

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It is amazing to make with no sugar, no fat! How wonderful! This post makes me more hopeful! I reaally like to eat ice cream, though it has a lot sugar and fat T.T I introduce Korean food recipe in my blog, if you don't mind, visit me,^^ @eunjjn Have a nice day!

That looks tasty. Banana really is a bit of a wonder food for the substitution game.


Homemade vegan ice cream is the best! No additives and simply good for you! We have it at least once a week. Having frozen bananas in the freezer at all times is no big deal.

Tremendous invention, this is great and I want to make one myself to see how I have left. ;)

Oooooh! Realy is a good option...