Delicious colorful healthy summer salad

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Used my creative mind to create a delicious and healthy summer salad.


Mixed salad. Sweet peppers. Egg. Sundried tomato. Bacon fried in butter. Feta cheese. Olives. Pickled garlic.


It was really tasty!


Close up art. :D


That looks delicious! I really like salads inspired by the Mediterranean food, using things like feta cheese and olives. It's not the healthiest salad I have seen though :P

In my opinion it is very healthy.
I think protein, fat, and salad is healthy.
Eggs are also loaded with vitamins.
The science proves that to be true.

This salad has lots of fat, vitamins, minerals, proteins, little carbohydrates with low glycemic index. Prove me wrong. :P

That's a good argument. I should have worded myself better, because I was using the word "healthy" as in low-calorie, but I definitely agree that this salad has a lot of good nutrients.

Sure, but a calorie is not a calorie. You can heat tons of healthy calories without getting fat. While you can eat only a little bad calories and get fat. It is all about where the calories are from, not how many. :)
You also feel very full after eating it for many hours.

This made me hungry, someone please cook for me :D

Maybe you want to visit Norway one day. I will cook. ;P

Haha, maybe)

This looks so yummy!!!!!

Wow I have never seen salad like this, so colourful. What do you have in here ?

I added description. ;)

How lovely this post is but check out mine.

Food enters through the eyes so your salad would be an excellent option for someone in diet, because it seems so colorful that make you want to eat it.

Not only does it look good, it taste amazing.

wow amazing, i want to feel it, i like, visit my account @olsm, i like to paint

Stop posting this, you're making me hungry 😸

That is a good sign to keep posting :D

Alright, I'll cook this for certain

Thanks for introducing your creative mind with us and you made great stuff of salad and also the add on thing about this salad is, the combination of colourful stuff is really appealing and amazing to watch. And by sharing the closeup picture you are teasing us. Wishing you an great day. Stay blessed. 🙂

I like to tease. Have a nice day!

Ha ha. Thank you. 🙂

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