I made a nice dinner for myself

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I was supposed to have a date today, but it was cancelled. No friends could come visit me too. I dont like making food for myself alone. I love making food and eating when i am with someone. So recently I have been visiting family much to eat there or inviting friends.

Usually people make boring food for themself like just warming some premade food. To motivate myself more, I decided that I was gonna be posting it on Steemit. Then it was more fun to make something for myself, when I could share it with people to see.


Pulled pork with bacon.


Salat with very sweet red peppers, tomato, feta cheese and pickled garlic.


When you are alone you can enjoy yourself with tv. Science show ftw!


Yes, I ate it all! No wonder, I am a viking. Definitely using my brain a lot also requires a lot of energy.


The food you make looks delicious. The same thing as you do is when someone is alone.

Thank you ☺

I didn't know that you know cooking ,
The food look really delicious .
Thanks for share it.

Of course I do. Everyone says I am Taco master. I am also very good with spaggethi bolognese, homemade hamburger, fish fillet with hollandaise and vegetables. I know more dishes of course but I dont consider myself a professional. I wish I was pro on more dishes, and knew more dishes overall. I will keep on trying to improve my skills and learn more dishes.

so much delicious food... love it dear..@olsm

“If you really want to come close of a friend, go to he’s house and eat with him… the friend who call you to give you their food give him your heart. I think this is one of the best point to love friends”


good job dear.. @olsm
looking so delicious..

@olsm It seems like last night you loved your self 100%. I mean you cocked for you and served it for and also ate all. Sometimes it is great feeling to enjoy with self. Sometime i also cock for my self with favorite show. You again reminding me self cocking i have to try it so soon. btw you cocked so well and properly and it's looking delicious but i don't know how was that. All over buddy chill with single life and Cheers : )

Yeah , you are right.
When you eat lonely it was just boaring.
And we can't eat anything.
But when i take preparation to eat and a el classico match show in my eye sight
The food was become delicious.
And i can't understand when it finished !!!
Thanks for sharing your post @olsm

My mouth is full of water after seeing this 😋

I want to eat your dinner😊

That's really awesome, most of the time when people are alone, prefer to eat outside in an restaurant or something, but you became great company for yourself and it's really great to see. It's really important to spend time with alone and try some stuff like you've done, this way we can understand the life more better way because, we can understand ourself more when there is no one other than alone. Thanks for sharing and wishing you an great day. Stay blessed. 🙂

Are you cocking?
fastfood is so tasty.I love it.

The food we cook ourselves must feel more delicious. Because the work itself is certainly more valuable.
Enjoy @olsm

The food was tasty I had never tasted before @olsm

What happens to people in steemit? He has tortured us by showing us those delicacies of a dish, as they show us that if we were not willing to eat that marvel. You must be an expert in the kitchen so that this paradise is like that

Look, It's tough to be motivated to cook for yourself so I like your friends and family idea. I'm impressed at the lengths you went to just for yourself. It's rather impressive and shows some dedication . I rarely cook for myself and I really should do it more. Maybe posting on steemit is a good motivator. I just usually snap restaurant food lol