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Actually, I wish I would have gotten to this a little while ago, but such is life!

This grafting session actually has a pretty cool story behind it that displays the power of the steemit community very well. You see, we've got a lot of the wild American Persimmon trees growing around here. They are smaller than the Asian varieties and contain seeds, so I wanted to show the @little-peppers one of the Asian varieties.

That's "Sweet Pepper" with a Fuyu persimmon there. Anyway, the @little-peppers tried and enjoyed them. In my post, I mentioned that I wanted to graft some of this variety into our wild persimmons. Sure enough, a steemian answered!

The amazing @haphazard-hstead answered and eventually sent me some dormant Fuyu cuttings which I open in the video above. Today, I tried to so my best to graft them into a few of our American Persimmon trees.


Yesterday I got my pruning shears, razor blade, and electrical tape out and grabbed the dormant Fuyu scions from the cooler. Hopefully, this will work!

These are the dormant cuttings that @haphazard-hstead shipped to me. They look healthy and ready to go, so I hope that I am successful on my end. I'd hate to mess it up and let them die.

I tried to graft some of the scions into a few medium sized trees that we had down on our land. Thankfully, I only need one to actually begin to grow in order to have this be successful. If at least one stays alive, then I can use that one ot try again in other areas.

I also had some small seedlings growing that I tried to graft into. Again, I am rather new at all of this but have had some success already with my grafting efforts. In the near future I'll try to make a few videos on how I actually do the grafting for you all, but today the camera battery was almost dead and it was also raining a bit, so I didn't want to spend too much time with the camera outdoors. If any of these grafted scions make it, I'll definitely let you know! How cool would it be to grow our own giant Asian Persimmons right here on the homestead?

As always, I'm @papa-pepper and here's the proof:


Until next time…

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Grafting is insane stuff, wonder how this could work... Your camera works amazing @papa-pepper ! Still have to get in touch with it because I am new to this kind of photography.

Dude I love Asian Persimmons. We get them a good part of the year here in Thailand. I used to eat them in the states but really fell in love with them when I came here. Hope you get them growing because they will be a real treat for your family. All the best with it.

I hope so too! They are very delicious!

Grafting is some freak cool shit. When I found out about this years ago I was shocked but happy it's possible.

Yeah, it is crazy cool! I really like trying it out!

It will be lovely to grow your own giant Asian Persimmons. Can't wait to see the progress.
I hope the grafted scions will make it

Long life picante peppers

let's hope for excellent results!

very unusual @ papa-pepper, hopefully you succeed and the results are satisfactory

most interesting stuff tu.pngvote.jpeg. I must say until steemit i had no idea on the wide spread the homesteading culture has. It's great to see people turn away from whatever is shoved down their throats while slaving for it. Then again, i suppose its not really that easy anywhere. In Hellgium here, for instance if you were to build your own powerwall with solar panels and get the electricity directly instead of pushing it on "the net" first it would actually be illegal ... if i want a simple windmill to generate, even if i live on a house on top of a hill here and it would be most logical AND green thing to do ... it's illegal because i dont have permits and if i produce my own i'm considered a "provider" for which i need a license, which (ofcourse) will be completely unaffordable for anyone but mass producers like the utility companies ...
slowly the place crumbles under its own paper weight but nationalism helps to keep the plebs divided enough pointing fingers at each other (i dont consider it a demeaning term, its simply a one word way of expressing what i mean).
Growing and all that, i bet laws on food and what not would prevent a lot of it ... i'm not really a lawyer, certainly not a legalist. I think paper law is written to protect those who wrote it mainly. And sed lex isnt very dura lex since it depends on who your daddy is when you get a ruling lol.
(putting electricity on "the grid" means automatically paying 21% VAT plus a score of extra costs for administration, usage, transport and bla , in reality this bring an electricity bill to about 30% price for electricity and the rest goes stateside :)

the land of no-portunity ... that and i dont there's really room here. I've had my eye on Mongolia for years but getting out of hell ?

it's a long, hard road ...

keep it up, thanks for the original and hard work

(all who read, follow for followback etc..., tit for tat, i think i'll do a monthly status to link to as sig but for now ... im too lazy :D)

I know the feeling. I tried to get as far from rules, regulations, zoning and other restrictions as I could. One day I may need to go farther, but for now, this will do. I hope that you are blessed as you continue on.

we create our own blessings with the resources at hand so ... for now thats a vacuum in stasis but im glad to see so many people get to do it and do it good.
giving up is not an option, compliance is the death of self (i sometimes turn into a fortune cookie) i'll be looking for more but its a big place as you surely know

Terrific endeavor. I would think there is a little bit of expertise in doing this. A lot of factors involved. Looking forward to the outcome.

wow nice post thanks for sharing

Good job my friend

this is very good work, and it is very useful for us all.
success is always for you @papa-pepper.

wow wonderful post....good job,
good luck

We were taught the theory of grafting in school, I've never experienced it in reality. I hope you get it right, because I would love to see how it works from the video you promised to make if it works.

I love experimenting to see what I can grow on the homestead. I am looking forward to seeing the grafting and how successful I know it will be.

awesome! we are doing this same thing! lol! love it. we have sooo many wild persimmons too and got some asian varieties as well this year. we weren't successful last year, but i think that was because we didn't refrigerate (didn't have one!) the scions. good luck!

I really hope and pray they survive. Like you said Papa, you have had some success in the past, this won't be any different. Well done. Kinda rained here too.

Homesteading is life 👍

Good luck with those grafts! The Asian persimmons and the American persimmon are different species, but that doesn't always matter for grafting trees. I'm glad those scions stayed in good shape. You've had success with other grafting, so you're off to a good start. I'll be sure to eat some Fuyu persimmons today from my freezer, as a Toast to your own Fuyu future! ; ) Happy spring!

I really enjoy fuyu persimmons. They're one of my favorite fruits... although I enjoy mostly any fruit.

So when you're grafting, I thought you needed it to be at an angle, and then you slipped in under a spot in the trees bark. That's remembering from a long time ago though. It looks like you just cut then square and then electrical taped them together. Did you put anything in between to encourage bonding? Is that even a thing? I thought there was some paste (not glue), but some kind of paste that you could put there.

Your work is beautiful. I'm doing well with flowers


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I will look forward to the video but I think it is pretty self explanatory though. We have lots of persimmon trees here that the hogs love to eat after the first frost. Never thought about grafting them even if not for me those Asian ones are much bigger and would produce much more feed for the livestock. Thanks for the idea . If I'm not mistaken I can just graft onto smaller limbs or splits of larger trees? I will keep my eye open for smaller saplings to graft to. Where did you get your Asian cuts for grafting?