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I thought this would be a good stop for lunch with my daughters.

After taking care of some business in Fayetteville, AR @papa-pepper and a couple of the @little-peppers were hungry. Since I live way out in the sticks, I thought that grabbing a bite to eat while in the city may work out well, especially since I was hungry for a gyro. Sure enough, Kosmos Greekafe was not far away.


These two are a little less familiar with gyros than I am, but they are down for trying new things. It was also nice to get a little time with my older daughters. By stopping in at a restaurant and sitting down for lunch, we could enjoy some more time with each other.

The children tried a "chicken gyro dish" and split it. They like to share anyway, and a dish this size is a good fit for a pair of @little-peppers.

This is what I was in it for though. One big tasty gyro. I like mine with either lamb meat or a combination of lamb and beef. They are usually served on a big pita with some very delicious cucumber sauce. This one was right up my alley!

It was "love at first bite" and soon I was very pleased that we stopped for lunch. The one that I tried was called "the Titan" and according to their menu is a "Kosmos gyros with extra meat, feta cheese, tomatoes, onions, tzatziki sauce, and fries stuffed inside." I missed the "fries stuffed inside" part, so that caught me by surprise. Not only was it a tasty lunch, but it was a good size to fill me up too.

Red-Pepper and Pinkie-Pepper ran out of room before they ran out of food, so I had to help them with theirs too... not that I minded. It's just part of my job as a dad! This delicious lunch also provided us with some good nourishment for our unscheduled adventure on the way home too. Gyros are one of my favorite meals, what's one of yours?

As always, I'm @papa-pepper and here's the proof:


Until next time…

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Hmmm these greeks food is so tasty, not so healthy... ah forget it ! I need that gyro now !!!

Proof of Gyro

I no longer have any proof....

We pretty much stopped eating out unless forced to. Fresh food with flavor is just not something easy to find in our area.

I was just thinking about being a little girl and eating out with my dad. It's the little things your daughters will remember. You wouldn't think so, but your making lasting memories with even the smallest things.

Chiming in here 💖 totally true. Yesterday was the 16th deathaversary of my dad. To celebrate, i took my son and nephews for ice cream. They did not get to meet their grandpa but they felt his presence by enjoying the tasty treats. One of my dad's favourites! Eating together brings some of the fondest memories to mind. 💖

Wow, I hope that some of these memories last! Thank you.

Great choice man, I love my a gyro, there not popular her in my small town, but when I go to the big city they have them on every corner and you know you have to stop for a couple.

Yeah, I had to take advantage of the big city!

Bro 🌶 this food looks very rich, no wonderful you are shining. I hope you send mind via inbox so that I can have a taste of it too. Enjoy man,life is worth living when you have God ,resources,good wife, beautiful kids like yours and good environment.

happy lunch ,,, happy family ,,,
may always be happy,,,
this is the most delicious food ,,, i've read it ,,, i'm very interested ,, used to be the most famous 'john garlic'
it was a delicious. :)
your child seems to have the same taste as you papa,,,

I've loved Greek food forever, and Gyros are among my favorite. We left some flat out amazing Greek restaurants in Pinellas County, when we left Florida, not surprisingly, since Tarpon Springs has a large Greek community, and it is about half an hour north of our old house in Largo.

But we've been blessed to find decent Greek food here in Tennessee, and even one of the restaurants in Sparta has recently started serving gyros, so I can get my fix. Even better, though, I have found a couple of outstanding Greek restaurants in Nashville, so whenever I go there, I make it a point of stopping by.

As for my favorite meal? New Mexico style enchiladas, complete with home made enchilada sauce; one of my specialties. And maybe some home made tortilla soup on the side, or maybe mix it up and have navy bean soup with green Hatch chiles. Yum. ;-)

While reading through, my mouth was rapidly producing more saliva; I was salivating. Wish I could have a taste of those... Well, since you asked, one of my favourite foods is garri and any good soup. Check this out

Cute little princez .
First one is looking so cute without teeth hahaha
You are so lucky having 2 beautiful princez .
Keep enjoying .
Your photography is always awesome . and the gyro is looking so tasty .
I am also not familiar with gyro .
I wish to taste this .

The most beautiful time is the time with the family @ papa-pepper

Food looks really yummy 😊 and the little peppers look like they really enjoying the trip and treat in tbe city.Greek food always intrigued me..really want to try it out on one of my travels..we dont have it available to us here in South Africa..enjoy 😎

This post is torture right now. There isn't a gyro within 10,000 miles of me.

Awwn, cute kids, most pleasurable moment ever, its nice that you get to spend time with them, cos they grow up pretty fast and cool pictures by the way, food is very important for human existence, lol.

Together with a very exciting family with his compactness, I really want such compactness @ pappa-pepper.

Bon Appetit @papa-pepper! You told me everything so delicious, I'll go look for something in the fridge ... I think I'm hungry.

@papa-pepper really enjoying with cute little ladies. Happy family

How cute.... Awwwwnnnn

thanks for the advice you gave @papa-pepper "Do not waste your time online, invest with".
as I do, every moment I encounter directly I post in steemit.

I love gyros, and I always get them when I am in the city. I too live in an area with not much in the terms of restaurants. I also like breakfast places, with steak and eggs.

gyro chicken looks very tasty

A treat when eaten occasionally,
from the smiles there are a couple of kids who wouldn't mind that for lunch tomorrow either.

The little girl laughs so sweet

Sweet family, I crave it

Gyros are so good

its a very teasty food.
i like it same to you..
thanks for sharing...

Cool - Glad that you enjoy it too!

so cute baby dear friend

this looks delicious!

Hahahaha you had to help them with theirs. Hahaha. Dad's duty. You all look good. What a nice meal you treated yourself and @little-peppers too. I almost grabbed a bite haha. Good one sir.

Happy family
You are so fortunate having 2 wonderful princess . Continue getting a charge out of . Your photography is constantly magnificent . @@@papa-pepper

It looks so delicious. Especially with those cute girls.. I think the best sauce is tzatziki sauce ;)

i love this type famaily....

Hard to find lamb on the menu in West Michigan where I live. I love it...should have been born somewhere around the Mediterranean.

Haha! Yummm! Looks so tasty!! What a fun adventure out. It's real hard to pic favourites! Depends on mood i guess. Nothing is better then homegrown, though those gyro, we call it 'Lebenese'food here, (i've never heard that term before) look like a close second. Love that garlic & hot sauce!!! Peace 🌱🦋

Love gryos they are the best, where I buy my gryo they are so big I get 3 gryos out of one gryo for only 7 bucks. I might have to do a post on it.

Oh man I love a good Gyro.
I wish that place was near my house.

So Hungry

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Have fun with the kids @papa-pepper! I am wishing you the best.

ah, now I know why you have all those sheep!

A treat once in a while is in order! Gyros are one of my favourite food to eat when eating out, which is not often as we prefer home-cooked meals. Having lunch out with children separately from the family makes them feel extra special. I used to do this with my crew too. Kind of like Noah, two by two! LOL

I love Greek food!! We have Tarpon Springs here in Florida and it's the best Greek food! <3

You must live close to Fayatteville and how far? I live in Rogers, AR and takes me 30 min on I-49. I go there to the Korean Restaurant called, House Of Taste on college ave and Martin Luther Jr drive.
I like Gyros too but never tried that place in Fayatteville

I feel very happy to see your children feel this happiness @papa-pepper.
because their happiness is also our happiness too,
who are their names, i miss, greetings from me to them @papa-pepper.