How to Outsmart Your Cravings!!

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Trying to eat vegan & healthier but can't seem to stop craving cheese, meat, caffeine, and sugar––aka all the bad stuff?! 😭😭😭 It's hard to kick a craving, but you can try my tips to outsmart cravings. It's not about depriving yourself. The key is to replace the unhealthy food with a healthy food that will still satisfy the need. I admit, some cravings are easier to combat than others, but these tips will help you with cravings big and small. Let me know how they work for you!!

my 32oz water bottles:
order porcini powder: (Trader Joes has a good mushroom umami seasoning too)
matcha powder:
cheese craving science:
gut bacteria craving food for you:
vegan 101 playlist:
cauliflower walnut taco meat:
better than chipotle burrito bowl:

lentil meatballs:

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